Love Traveling, Hate Flying?

If you love travelling, you want to see the world and go to as many different countries as you can, but you don’t like flying, or perhaps you want to travel would prefer a more eco-friendly option than getting on a plane every time you want to go somewhere new, then do not worry, there are plenty of options for you. You can still see the world, go everywhere you want to go and avoid flights. While some of these options may be a little slower than a couple of hours in the air, they are often far more fun than flying. 

Travel By Road

There are loads of reasons to travel by road, whether it is via bus, hiring a car or travelling in a camper van. First of all, unlike flying, there is no need to arrive in advance for early check-in; these modes of transport are cheaper and do not require as much planning or booking. On a bus, they stop at so many places, and if you’re driving, you can stop whenever you want to. Bus services are all over the world and there are also many bus tours which you can go on, which will usually be pre-planned and you don’t need to worry about a thing. If you choose to travel by a car or getting a campervan, you are in control, you can travel through all the local towns and villages you like and there’s no need to be cramped up against fellow travellers on a train or a bus. When driving, you just to make sure you are completely up to date on the laws of the country you’re in. New policies and initiatives are being brought in all the time; for example, Germany has introduced environmental zones where you need to have a sticker on your car. You can visit this Dutch supplier to find out more, but essentially, the aim is to reduce the particulate matter content in the air within the environmental zones and to stimulate the use of public transport such as buses, trams, and trains.

Travel By Boat

If air is not your thing, then what about the sea? Travelling on a cruise ship is a fantastic way to see the world, but it is a luxury option. The journey will be extremely comfortable and convenient; you will have all your restaurants and food onboard, you’ll probably have access to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam bath, cafes, library, bar, club, gaming areas, a hospital, laundry, cleaning, ironing services and loads of entertainment. It’s not even like travelling as the whole experience is a holiday itself, so with the added bonus of taking you to new and exotic places to explore is amazing.  

Rail Travel

One of the best, most trusted, reliable, and easy modes of transport to get to different countries, is the train. The train gives you breathtaking views and the opportunity to travel through fantastic scenery in your chosen country. Many countries have a vast network railway system, and there are many regional and international trains meaning that you can just about go anywhere. 

You can mix all of these modes of transport to really get a fulfilling experience, go on a cruise ship to your destination, hire a car to explore and then jump on a train to get to the next place. It would make for a very exciting trip with no need ever to set foot in an airport.

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