Rediscovering classic Disney movies with Violet

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There is one thing I dreamed about before I had a baby – snuggling together on cold, rainy days and watching all the classic Disney movies together. When the girls were born, I soon found that with a newborn or small toddler this wasn’t a reality – they were more interested in jumping up and down or ripping up a cardboard box than sitting down and watching a movie. But as Violet got older, calmer and about to turn 3, she suddenly discovered the magic of movies and we’ve been having great fun watching all the old classics whilst Pearl naps. It’s become our favourite hobby now the weather is cold and wet outside.

We love to snuggle in front of our new TV in the bedroom. We can pull up all the cushions and pillows to make a little den, sit back and enjoy the movie with a bowl full of snacks. I recently bought a new TV to put in our bedroom and it was the best decision ever! So cosy in comparison to our living room. It was a tricky decision though – it’s hard to know which TV to go for and to compare all features, plus understanding all the terminology – especially things like what is hdr tv, 4K TV, LED TV or a Smart TV! Phew – there is so much to think about these days. But I think I found the one for us – I absolutely love bright, crystal clear picture quality plus all the smart features so that was what I went for. A great HDR screen makes movies almost jump out of the screen, which is hilarious as Violet will jump out of her skin and then burst into a fit of giggles at the surprise!

So far, Violet’s favourite movie by far is Frozen, of course! We’ve watched it more times than I care to mention, but we’ve also seen Frozen 2 at the cinema so I’m just counting down the days until that one is out on DVD and we can watch it on our new TV too! Other favourites are the Little Mermaid (which was my favourite as a child but actually really scary for little ones, Violet doesn’t like the end), Aladdin, The Lion King and Tinkerbell. I’ve even watched a few Disney movies I didn’t see the first time round!

I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering some of my childhood favourite movies with Violet and can’t wait for Pearl to be old enough to enjoy it too – we’ll have epic movie nights with blankets, cushions, snuggles and snacks galore!

What is your favourite Disney movie?

Collaborative Post – Paid Partnership

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