Violet & Pearl – Siblings January 2020

I suddenly realised it’s been nearly 6 months and I’ve not written a siblings update on Violet and Pearl – where did that time go? I loved writing them last year so I want to try and keep them up this year as they are so lovely to look back on! I’ll try to keep writing at least once a month, but let’s see how we get on!

The last 6 months have held such HUGE changes for Violet and Pearl.  Violet is just about to turn 3 and is a fully-fledged walking, talking toddler. Pearl is nearly 18 months and desperate to be the same as her big sister. She wants to skip the early toddler years and go straight for everything her sister is doing, from wearing the same clothes, having the same food, drinks and enjoying all the same things too. This has made her grow up very quickly, she’s already saying more words than Violet did and is walking, running and climbing about now. It feels like this is closing in the age gap and it won’t be long until people mistake them for twins!

In the last few months, the way they play has changed. They can communicate in their little way and have made sweet games. Their favourite being ‘Snakes’ where they run around the house waving their arms like snakes and chasing each other. They also love to hide and seek and to build blocks together. They are both into dolls, but will usually squabble over who has which doll, buggy or the shopping trolley they got for Christmas! I find keeping them at home all day quite a challenge as together they are like two whirlwinds of destruction so we get out the house a lot more these days, which is easier once we are all ready and loaded in the car!  Finally, Violet has stopped calling Pearl ‘Baby’ and calls her “Pooky” which is just as hilarious. 


As much as they will squabble over toys at home, they hate to be without each other when we are out and about. Violet is always asking where ‘Pooky’ is and if she’s coming in the car. She won’t get in the car without Pearl and recently went on some fairground rides, one of which was too grown-up for Pearl. Violet cried the entire way around as she wanted Pearl to come on the ride to join her, she just didn’t understand why they couldn’t go together.  When they do go on rides together, she loves to be the big sister and tell her sister what to do, telling her to tuck her legs in and checking she’s strapped in okay! This Christmas the girls got Drusillas Passes as their main present, luckily they can go on all the rides together at Drusillas so we spend a lot of time there and at our local garden centre which has dinosaur models, soft play and a huge garden too.

I’ve just started braving going out within the buggy, which I thought would be a total disaster as they’d run off in different directions, but actually, Violet is very caring and stays by Pearl’s side most of the time and they don’t run far. I still feel like I need eyes in the back of my head and be ready to run at any given moment though!

I’ve loved the last few months with Violet & Pearl. It feels like the hard work of having two under two is really starting to pay off and life IS getting easier….. little by little!


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  • This is just the sweetest update! I love how caring Violet is towards Pearl and the fact that they play snakes together is just too sweet!! I can’t believe that Pearl is 18 months already though, I’ve not met her yet so I feel super guilty how much time has passed by!! xx