How to Restore Old Carpet

If you have carpet in your home, it’s common to expect problems – burns, bald spots, tears, damage to the base. It happens that it burns out, loses its color in places, becomes dull, but still you do not want to part with it. However, if you try, for example, to sew up a torn place on the carpet yourself, nothing good will come of it. You get a thick ugly fold that spoils the look of the product. Moreover, coping with dust and old dirt stain on the carpet is unthinkable without professional carpet cleaning procedures once or twice a year.

How to Restore a Carpet and Is It Possible to Do It?

Modern technologies allow dry carpet cleaning professionals to perform work not only on cleaning various types of carpets, but also on their restoration. Restoration is really more than dust and dirt removal from your favorite carpet. Wounded or dilapidated carpets require a particularly delicate and skilled attitude. First, the carpet is carefully inspected, problem areas are identified, the condition is assessed, appropriate technologies are selected and a decision is made on how to update the carpet.

At the second stage, carpets are cleaned with dry foam, organic solvents are used, and other effective methods are used, i.e. solve the problem of how to refresh a carpet.

How to Restore Carpet Pile?

To restore the lost properties of the carpet, the restorer:

  • Is looking for fibers that are similar to those that need restoration,
  • decides how to restore the color of the carpet: dyes the threads in the color of the carpet, knits the missing knots,
  • combs and lays the pile,
  • removes chemical residues using vacuum finishing. The final touches of this stage are the final processing of stains;
  • in places of breaks and holes, changes the warp threads manually, dyes the pile in the tone of the carpet.

Professionals know how to restore lost beauty to carpets. However, you can try to restore the attractiveness of the product yourself.

How to Restore the Color of the Carpet with Your Own Hands?

Acrylic paints for fabric – this is a professional means to restore the color of discolored areas of the carpet. The work has to be extremely precise: paint is applied with a thin brush along the fibers of the pile. Paints are selected as close as possible to the original color.

Some people choose the simpler option: they paint over colorless fibers with felt-tip pens, but you can’t call this color reliable.

How to Remove Dents on a Carpet?

The furniture leaves ugly dents on the carpet. To get rid of them, use an iron with a steamer. Steam moisturizes the fibers, making them supple. It remains only to gently lift the pile with a fork or the edge of a tablespoon in the direction of the bulk of the fibers. Do not touch the carpet surface with an iron. Only steam works. The distance between the carpet and the iron refers to the risk zone and constant monitoring.

How to Clean the Burnt Places?

It is easy to eliminate the burned spots on the carpet only in case of surface damage. Do it with sandpaper. If the burns are deeper, they use a different technology: first, cut the damaged fibers, and then drip with transparent glue on this place. The burnt area should be completely filled with new fibers, and their direction should coincide with the location of the entire pile.

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