Madonna, tea and beauty sleep…. #LittleLoves February

It’s time for this month’s #LittleLoves post – a series I started last month to highlight all the little things in the month we’ve been doing and loving. I thought it would be a mix of something for all the family but in my last post, I focused purely on little treats for me and self-care and I’ve decided I’m going to make this entire series purely about things I’ve been enjoying from now on. I’m doing this as a way to encourage myself to do a few things aside from being ‘Mummy’ every month and to celebrate being ‘me’ again for a few moments – hopefully, it’ll give you the inspiration and encourage you to as well!

So, last month I chatted about different day spa packages, make-up and jewellery, but here is what I’ve been loving this month….


The first thing has got to be that we went up to the London Palladium and saw MADONNA. Storm Ciara was blowing a hooley outside and with Madge cancelling concerts due to her dodgy knees I thought we were never going to actually get there – but we were in luck as our show went ahead and it was BRILLIANT. Such a magical experience to see someone as legendary as Madonna in a small theatre environment. I wish she’d have sung a few more of the classics but I enjoyed the show from start to finish, nonetheless. I was also stressing about her show being a no-phone-zone. We were given a security pouch for our phones as we went into the venue which would only be unlocked after the performance. I didn’t mind not taking photos but worried about the babysitters needing to call us in an emergency! Luckily, everything was fine and I actually thought the no-phones situation made the concert even more special as everyone was present in the moment and I didn’t return home with 300 grainy photos and videos I’ll never look at again!


I’ve been making a conscious effort to read more – well, I say read but I actually listen to Audiobooks. Two books I’ve read this month and really enjoyed were Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams and The BeeKeeper of Aleppo by Christy Leftari. Both completely different styles and storylines but both compelling and heartbreaking all the same. I listened a lot in the middle of the night as Pearl just wouldn’t sleep so these books kept me sane!


One of my all-time favourite TV programmes is back on at the moment and it doesn’t disappoint – Call the Midwife is on every Sunday evening and I just LOVE it, although I can’t seem to watch an episode without shedding a tear so I get the tissues and the chocolate ready. Another programme we’ve been watching which is a blast from the past – The L Word is back on Sky Atlantic (or Now TV) with their Generation Q series, which is ten years later and we are obsessed! We only started watching it last week but I think will finish the entire series within the next week or so. If we didn’t have children we’d binge-watch it in a few days for sure!

Pamper time

I’ve been really trying to take extra care of my skin recently. After having the girls my skin has changed so much, all those sleepless nights have caught up on me! Every evening I’ve been making an extra effort to cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin and it’s really been making a difference. Before bed, I’ve been using ARK agedefend Regenerating Night Treatment *– it has active ingredients to help repair my skin whilst I sleep and combat the signs of everyday stress, soothe and smooth whilst I sleep. It’s really been helping with the little sleep I get to make it all count!

I’ve also been loving using Dr PawPaw Scrub & Nourish * – my lips get so dry in the cold weather it’s been my handbag saviour! The little duo pot has the balm in one side and a scrub in the other. So handy!

Tea time

Every evening before bed we make a cup of tea – it’s become a tradition, I’m not sure I could go to bed without my evening cup! As I try to avoid caffeine at this time I’ve been trying out a few different teas and Teapigs kindly sent me their feel-good bundle * so I’ve been working my way through each flavour – my favourites have got to be Calm and Snooze, which are perfect for that time of night – the calming blends set me up for the perfect nights sleep although sadly that doesn’t always work as they don’t babysit children too. Doh!

What have you been loving this month?

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