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Making a weekly trip to the grocery store can turn costly if you’re not sure of what to buy or if you buy on impulse. Here are some tips on how you can save the most on your next shopping trip.

Make a list. Know what you have to buy and stick to it. It’ll help you focus and not buy things you don’t need. Making a list will also help you to not forget things.

Cut coupons. You could cut your grocery bill dramatically if you take the time to cut coupons from newspapers and fliers in the mail. Don’t forget to check for deals you may have over looked. Keep your coupons organized so they’re easy to find and make sure to take note of when they expire.

When you’ve made your list and cut coupons, there’s one more thing to do before heading to the store. Make sure you eat; you don’t want your stomach making your buying decisions for you. Going to the grocery store hungry is one of the reasons why we buy on impulse.

Shop alone. I used to go shopping with my mom and would toss in random items in the grocery cart. Shopping alone will eliminate buying extra items.

Bring a calculator so you can check the prices per pound and easily compare items.

You have to reach to get the best deals, literally. The highest markup items on the shelves are at chest level. So to get the cheaper items, look up or down when browsing shelves.

Don’t waste money on prepared items. When you cook food, double your portions so you can freeze the leftovers and save them for another day.

You can buy items in bulk and freeze them for later. You can buy meats on sale and freeze them. If you need to use them, thaw them out in the refrigerator the day before. You can also freeze bread, such as bagels. Just take them out the night before you need to use it.

Speaking of bread and meat, know when your store marks down these items when they expire. Just make sure to use them as soon as possible or freeze them.

Before you leave the grocery store, make sure to check your receipt. Grocery clerks make mistakes sometimes. Be careful and don’t get overcharged.


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