3 things to consider before you get a new car

When it’s time to look at getting a new car there is so much to think about – it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for a while, so you want to get it right. Doing a bit of research and working out the best plan is always best before deciding, even if you have got your heart set on that snazzy sports car, it might not be quite right for you at the time!  We recently changed our car and spend quite a while working out the best car for us, eventually deciding on a BMW X3 as it’s spacious for all the family and so smooth to drive. I also love all the high tech bits inside like the sound system and voice controls.

So, when we were deciding on our car, here are a few of the things we considered:

How much can you afford?

The first and most important thing to work out is what you can afford. You can either work out if you have a lump sum to buy a car outright or if you’d prefer more of a monthly option. If this is the case, work out a monthly figure that would be manageable per month which wouldn’t leave you struggling for money every month. As well as car payments it’s important to think that the car will also cost in insurance, tax, MOT – so they are all things to figure out too.

Buy or lease?

This goes hand-in-hand with your budget. If you have money to buy the car outright, work out a vehicle that can fit within your price range. If not, there are plenty of other options like leasing to consider! Willow Leasing specialise in car leasing – this is not hiring – it is a contractual agreement that is set over a period for instance 2 years where you pay a monthly fee to lease the car. This can be so much more manageable and a really good option if you need a big car like us, but didn’t have enough to buy one outright.

Which car?

Once you’ve worked out your budget and how you’ll finance your car, the next thing to do is to work out which vehicle would fit your lifestyle. Do you need a big car for all the family? Do you want a small car to park in tiny spaces? Do you have a dog to fit in the boot, or bikes to go on a rack on the back? Work out what you’ll be using your car for and browse for models within your price range. One piece of advice I’ll say around this is to follow your head not your heart! It’s so easy to get swept away with fancy models and extra add-ons, but do you need them? Work out what you’d need and go from there – think practically!

We couldn’t be happier with our new car, plus the monthly payments are so manageable too. I hope you found this helpful in choosing your next car! GOOD LUCK! 


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