6 tips to save money on children’s clothes

It feels like I’m always buying clothes for the children – the minute I’ve stocked their wardrobes up, they grow out of everything and it’s time t to start again! It’s a never-ending cycle, but with two little girls who have gone through a LOT of clothes I’ve found a few ways to save money on children’s clothing.

Hand me downs

Before Violet was born we got a huge bag of hand-me-downs from our friends. Violet has worn those clothes and handed them down to Pearl – some of her clothing is 4th hand but it’s still such great quality. I find with children’s clothing as they wear clothes for so little time they last forever and are perfect for the next child along the line or to donate to charity when you no longer need them.

Charity shops

We donate most of the girls old clothing to charity shops but I also love to browse charity shops to find bargains. I’ve often found clothing in larger sizes than the girls need and kept it in the back of the cupboard until we need it.

Shop in the sale

Some stores can be super-pricey but have amazing discount sales. Sign up for mailing lists to be the first to know about sales and snap up some bargains! Like with charity shops, I often size up when sales shopping so I’ve got some clothes the girls can grow into.

Shop around

Browse shops online for the lowest prices, wholesale kids clothing store Kimidog always has great value clothing at low prices. Sometimes shopping online you’ll find the best bargains!

Sell clothes

I often sell higher value clothes through Facebook groups and online selling pages. This is a great way to pass on clothes for little donations of money to put towards something new! I’ve also picked up some bargains this way too.

Fix clothes

In an era where we all need to be more sustainable, learning to mend and fix clothes can be so valuable. I am learning to mend holes, sew on buttons and repair rips to give clothes a much longer lifespan.

What are your top tips for saving money on children’s clothing?

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