6 Top Travel Tips for visiting Egypt – including Visa information

I know right now the last thing on our minds is travel – the UK lockdown feels like it’ll be forever, but that’s not the case – it will pass and I’ve been keeping myself busy planning some trips for when it’s all over, so we’ve got something to look forward to and get excited for! I went to Egypt back in 2015 and it was one of the best holidays of my life – I’d absolutely love to take the girls back to see all the sights, so today I thought I’d write a post with 6 top travel tips for visiting Egypt, including information on where to get a visa, how to book Egypt tours, the weather and a few travel tips too!

Prepare for the weather

The weather in Egypt is generally very hot most of the year – with average temperatures in summertime reaching 32 degrees and higher, summer clothes are a must! Egypt has beautiful beaches, coral reefs and warm glorious sea to swim so packing a swimming costume is essential too. We last visited in December which was a bit chilly at times so packing a warm cardi helped although it was still lovely and warm in the sunshine.

Organise your visa before you travel

If you are planning to travel to Egypt you need to apply for your Egypt visa online ahead of your trip. This is really easy to do by filling out a simple digital application form. The costs of the visa are £44.95 per person and your visa for Egypt should be ready and sent back to you via email. If you need an urgent application they can process them within around 5 working days.

Pack your camera

Egypt is filled with the most breathtaking, mind-blowing historical sights you’ll see in your life. Whole cities, tombs and palaces from the Ancient Egyptians have been perfectly preserved and are a once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore. We visited the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings and travelled down the Nile to see all the tombs along the way – each one gave me goosebumps, you just cannot believe your eyes. Most sights you are allowed to take in your camera, so make sure you pack it, plus spare batteries, SD cards and chargers too! You’ll need them!

Brush up on Egyptian History

Before you go (or whilst you are there, if you are like me!) it’s fun to read up on Egyptian history to really give the background to the sights you’ll be seeing. Understanding Ancient Egyptian history brings the country, museums and historical sights to life and really helps give you perspective on what you are seeing. You’ll appreciate the sights so much more if you have a deeper understanding. If you don’t have much time for reading, listening to podcasts is a great way to learn on the go.

Book a Nile Cruise

We travelled through Egypt on a Nile Cruise and it’s the best thing we could have done! The majestic sunsets over the river are just stunning. After a long day of sightseeing we hopped back onto the boat for dinner and were whisked to our next location whilst we slept. It was such a fun and relaxing way to travel, our boat also had a pool to cool down in after a long day which was perfect!

Plan your trip ahead of time

I’d recommend for any trips to Egypt to plan what you want to see and check foreign travel advice ahead of time. A lot of the main sights are quite far apart and transport links are not always easy if you aren’t pre-booked onto a group tour. For our Egyptian holiday, we joined a tour group, which meant everything was organised for us, plus they gave us all the information about our visa too, so no little details were missed. I’d find backpacking or public transport in Egypt a little unnerving so having everything organised is definitely the way to go so you are looked after the whole way without a worry!

Now I’ve written this I can’t wait for our next holiday to Egypt! Hope it helped you too!


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