A letter to my daughters on International Women’s Day

Dear Violet & Pearl,

Being your mum is the very best thing to happen to me, you are my absolute world and I want to show you the best way to navigate this amazing but difficult world where you will grow up and live long happy lives.

Right now, you are just babies – it feels like two seconds ago that you were in my arms for the first time and I cannot believe the speed that you are growing. Violet, you are a proper little girl now, watching your personality shine through has been such a joy. Pearl, I know you want to grow up quickly too, but please savour those baby moments a bit longer, just for me? One day you will both be women, you might be mums too. I have so many hopes and dreams for the life you will live and what you will become.

Firstly, do what makes you happy, find joy in the little things in life and strive to find the positivity within everything you do. Trust me, it’s there, even if it’s not obvious at the time.

Be proud of being a girl and a woman. Women are amazing, never let anyone tell you otherwise. As a woman, you can do anything you put your mind to. Read up on other amazing women, be inspired, be motivated to change the world – you have the power to make big changes – if you embrace it.

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Make friends and keep those friendships alive – Friendships take a huge amount of work from both sides, it’s important to make that extra effort to keep a friendship alive but also to know when to walk away.  Don’t let yourself be consumed with negative people and their negative energy. Rise above petty arguments, judgemental people and ALWAYS be kind. You don’t have to like someone or agree with them, but always be kind.

I hope you find your soul-mate who will stand by your side through the toughest moments – may they be your equal and make you laugh every single day.

Never let anyone underestimate you. As a woman, you might find this happens a lot, but enjoy the look on their faces when you prove them wrong – as you will.

Follow your heart, at all times. Never let anyone tell you who you can/can’t do, who you can/can’t love, you will know and you will make your own mistakes. I’ll be there for you when that happens and I’ll never judge you for your decisions. We’ll work it out and it’ll always be okay in the end.

Be who you want to be and don’t let anyone judge you. It says more about them than it does about you.

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Having two amazing daughters has been the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life, I hope you someday will get to experience holding your new baby in your arms and the same happiness, exhaustion, frustration and love a baby can bring. It is all SO worth it. The difficult moments just melt away with one of your sweet smiles. If and when you have your children, I’ll be with you every step of the way – I won’t tell you what to do – you will know what’s best for your baby but I’ll be your support, any time of the day and night – I’ll bring you cups of tea, homemade lasagne and let you rest, you won’t be alone.

All that I hope is that I’ve done my job well. I know in my heart of hearts, I’ve done my absolute best and given motherhood my absolute everything. All I want is to know I’ve raised happy, independent and intelligent girls who travel through the world with curiosity, empathy, courage and grace, which I know you both will.

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  • What beautiful words 🥰 Being a Mum is incredibly challenging and you never quite feel you have done enough. I think you are doing a wonderful job, you’re an amazing Mum to Violet and Pearl.
    My advice to you as my daughter and to my grandchildren is to Always follow your heart 💜💕❤️