BABY Born Soft Touch Doll and BABY Born Bathtub review

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You’ll all know by now that Violet just loves her babies. Out of all her toys babies and dolls are the toys she plays with the most, so when we were recently given the opportunity to review a new BABY Born and BABY Born bathtub, I jumped at the chance – and funny enough they arrived the day before her birthday, so I wrapped up the boxes to make her birthday even more fun!

It’s fair to say Violet was over the moon with her new toys and couldn’t wait to get them out of the packaging! The BABY Born Soft Touch doll comes in a huge box and it’s clear to see from the packaging you get lots of extra bits to play with once your doll is out of the box.

Taking her out, she comes with a bottle, bowl and spoon, nappy, potty even some baby food (I know, for a doll!), a dummy and a birth certificate. The doll itself is quite big but soft to touch and realistic looking for a doll – unlike a few other creepy looking dolls Violet has grown attached to!

She has 9 lifelike functions, she cries real tears, eats baby food, uses the potty (for a wee AND a poo), has eyes that open/close, plus she can be taken in the bath. She has moveable limbs and a squidgy tummy (which can be pressed to make her use the potty). She also comes with sweet little friendship bracelets – one for the baby and one for the child, which is a really sweet touch.

Violet bonded with her baby immediately and started to care for her straight away, feeding her, putting her to bed and putting her on the potty. She loves giving her a drink of water then seeing her wee in the potty, this would be great for teaching young toddlers who aren’t yet potty trained too. We haven’t braved trying the baby food yet as I’m not sure I can deal with cleaning up another babies poo right now!

As well as her BABY Born, Violet also received the Bathtub that accompanies the Soft Touch Doll. This is one snazzy bathtub – it not only holds water but has coloured lights, music and a working shower. To be fair it’s better than the bathtub in our house so I’m a little bit jealous!

BABY Born Princess on Ice dress and ice skates as pictured is sold separately.

This has got to be one of Violet’s absolute favourite activities to do – she just LOVES bathing her babies. She will easily play with the bathtub for over an hour at a time, or more! I keep having to refresh the water as it goes cold and her poor baby will be shivering. She loves the music, lights and the working shower is a lovely touch – although expect your bathroom floor to be covered in water by the end of it too! The only slightly frustrating thing about bathing the BABY Born doll is that it collects to much water inside, it’s hard to get it all out – Violet often wants to take her baby to bed with her and I’ll find she’ll be leaking onto the bed from the bath earlier that day. I find if I give her a good shake and press her tummy it helps, plus a good wiggle of her arms and legs over the bath to get as much water out as possible, but even then she will still keep dripping!

Violet has really enjoyed playing with her BABY Born soft-touch doll and bathtub, watching her care for her baby, wash her, dress her, talk to her and cuddle her is just the most adorable sight – she’s so sweet and caring with a vivid imagination for role-playing games too.

You can order BABY Born Soft Touch here (RRP £49.99) and the BABY Born Bathtub here (RRP £39.99).

Post contains PR samples

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