Fresh air, relaxation and LOTS of flapjacks! | #LittleLoves March

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Post written before the news of the Coronavirus spread – I wanted to add this note as I felt I shouldn’t ignore the fact we are sadly in a much more worrying and uncertain time to when I wrote this post a week ago.

As another month comes round, I still can’t believe it’s time to write this month’s Little Loves post. I think this months post might be a little shorter as this month I’ve been wrapped up in Violet’s Birthday and a final couple of weeks with Pearl before she starts nursery. We’ve been making the most of our time together with some special one-to-one days out and the rest of the time she’s busy being the little ‘wrecking ball’ she is trashing the house! Between that and everything else going on, there hasn’t been too much time for self-care treats, reading or pampering – boo! I must try harder next month.

Getting Outdoors

One thing I have been loving is finally getting out more in the fresh air! We’ve been getting outside as much as possible, going for walks with the dog, scooter rides with Violet or toddles around the block with Pearl. The daffodils are coming out and some warmth and sunshine puts me in such a great mood. I’m really looking forward to Spring and Summer and think I’ll really this year as Pearl is a bit older and will be able to join in with everything we get up to!

Baking flapjacks

I’ve never been great at baking, but I’ve recently become obsessed with baking flapjacks. It started with a simple BBC Food flapjack recipe, now I’m trying out all different recipes to find my perfect blend. I’ve been packaging them up for friends and family to try – our dog walker on a rainy day was grateful for a lunchbox of warm flapjack as she dropped Robbie home. The only issue with this is that we have been eating a LOT of flapjacks, you can’t just eat one, can you? They are delicious though… ! Now I’ve got the baking bug and Easter is on the horizon, I’ll have to buy chocolate moulds online so we can make some Easter themed creations too! The girls are going to have so much fun! 

Massages at home

I haven’t had much time for relaxation this month – but a something that has really helped is the GTech MYO Touch Massage bed, which we’ve been popping up in the living room every evening for a quick massage to smooth out the aches and pains from the day. This ingenious invention is easy to put together, fully adjustable to either target problem areas or give a full body massage, plus you can get whether you’d prefer a light touch or deeper massage. I didn’t realise how much tension I hold in my back and neck so it’s really helped with that and using it right before bed allows me to wind down after a busy day into a great nights sleep too!

What have you been loving this month?

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