How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

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Being invited to a wedding is always a great honour. It’s lovely to know that the happy couple wants you to be there to share their special day. However, after the initial excitement of opening up the envelope to reveal the glossy invitation bearing your name, panic sets in, and you ask yourself the question… what am I going to wear?! Choosing an outfit when you are a wedding guest can be a stressful experience, sometimes it can even be harder than choosing a bridal gown for your own big day! You wrack your brains trying to think of any suitable outfits that you already own, but remember that they have already been debuted at other weddings. This realisation means that you are going to have to search for an entirely new outfit, but where do you even start?

Think About the Style of the Wedding

When deciding on the perfect wedding outfit, you will need to consider the style of the overall wedding. There are many different dress styles for special occasions to choose from, so it is helpful to consider the type of wedding that you will be attending so that you know which outfit will best suit the occasion. Is this going to be an intimate, laid back affair? Or is the wedding going to be a formal and traditional function? Once you get a feel for the style of the wedding, you should have a better idea of the type of outfit to opt for. 

Consider Colour

Unless your wedding invite specifically requests that guests wear a particular colour, then you can be pretty sure you have almost free reign over the colour you choose for your outfit. Wedding guests wearing white is never a good idea and may prove particularly unpopular with the bride. As well as avoiding an all-white ensemble, it is a good idea to find out what colour the bridesmaid’s dresses are so that you don’t choose the same to avoid any awkwardness. Ever Pretty is a great online store to shop for wedding guest dresses in a wide range of colours, like burgundy, dark green,purple, etc.

If you decide on a block colour for your outfit, don’t forget to add some extra interest to it with your accessories. A pop of colour in your jewellery choices, or as a corsage, will pull the whole look together to create a striking look. 

Fabulous Footwear

Choosing shoes that work well with your wedding guest outfit can be a nightmare – there is so much to consider! While turning up in your favourite pair of trainers is an obvious no-no, it is essential to choose shoes that aren’t going to leave you with sore, aching feet. Try to find a compromise between fabulousness and comfort, or simply take them off when the party starts in the evening, and you hit the dancefloor. 

Think about the wedding’s location to give you clues as to what will work best too. If the wedding is taking place in a marquee in the countryside, stiletto heels may leave you sinking into the grass, which could make for some awkward moments… and muddy heels.

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