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As a busy Mum, I feel like I’m always juggling so many things, it’s easy for the little details to slip my mind. If I’m honest, I’m often finding my keys in the fridge, milk in the cupboard – I’ve even thrown dog food in the washing machine before (not sure WHAT I was thinking) but exhaustion takes over and it’s hard to keep on top of everything.

When it comes to medication and vitamin supplements, in our house the responsibility falls directly on my shoulders to remember who needs what – at what time. I take daily medication and two vitamin supplements, the girls have daily vitamins, plus even our dog has daily supplements and medication! It’s a lot to remember, as well as the things we need to do day-to-day as well.


Safe & Sound Health have just launched a brand new free app to make remembering medication a breeze. The app is called ‘Pill Reminder’ and is available on both iPhone and Android. The app allows you to set detailed reminders for all your medication and supplements on your phone so you’ll never forget them and that is one less thing to worry about. I downloaded it on the launch day last week and gave it a whirl.


The app is functional, clear and easy to use. Within minutes of downloading the app, I had all my reminders set up to go off when required – taking the stress and confusion out of remembering our daily medication. Each reminder has various different options to ensure taking medication couldn’t clearer.

When setting up a reminder you first input the name of the medication, followed by the dosage and medication type, from liquid, pill, syringe, tablet or other.

You can then leave further instructions for yourself as part of the reminder like whether the medication needs to be taken before or after eating.

When these details are complete, you can simply schedule your reminder – whether you want to schedule it for once a day or more often you can set timings to suit your requirements, with the flexibility of setting different times for different days so it really will match your schedule.

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When all your reminders are set, you can view them all in a handy list. Of course, this app is really helpful if you take daily medication, but it would also be handy for remembering to take your vitamins too! I have added mine and the girls so I always remember.

If you do take a number of tablets on a daily basis, there is an area within the app where you can buy a pillbox to store your medication to make it even easier.

I try to set our reminders all for roughly the same time so I can take them all together, which makes it even easier to do.


This would be great for use to remember any daily medication – especially great for elderly relatives or keeping track of a child’s medication too. I also wish I’d have had it when I was going through my IVF cycles as that was SO much medication to remember with really strict timings too. It doesn’t have to be medication – I put in all our vitamins to remember too!

To download the app for free – take a look at the Safe and Sound Health website here or visit your app store!

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