Violet’s Third Birthday

And here she is – my little THREE year old! Can you believe it? Violet turned three a couple of weeks ago now and I think we are only just coming down after nearly had nearly a week-long birthday of fun!

We started off Violet’s birthday with a day out in Brighton on the Friday. We took the girls to see Zog Live at The Brighton Dome, which was the perfect start to our long weekend. They really loved the show (especially Violet), by the end she was up on her feet dancing to the music and as the show finished she said ‘again…. AGAIN!’ So it was clearly a hit! We then went for giant ice cream sundaes in Brighton and all left on a bit of a sugar high!

Over the weekend, V worked her magic with another masterpiece cake! It’s become our tradition now, she works so hard on making the perfect cake. it really is a labour of love and usually will involve at least 2-3 mad dashes to the shops for more ingredients and one late night cooking session! We decided not to have a party for Violet this year and just keep things low key, so we cut the cake with a couple of family members which was lovely and much more relaxing than holding a big party. My logic is that we won’t get away with it next year so we may as make the most of having a smaller birthday whilst she’s so small! 😉 We put balloons up so it felt like a little mini-party and Violet was happy so that’s the most important thing!

On the Monday, it was Violet’s actual birthday, so we got up early and opened some presents in our pyjamas! Violet got lots of lovely presents – despite us saying we’d keep things small, we bought her a few things plus she was spoiled by all our friends and family too! Her main present from us was a Frozen Scooter, which she couldn’t wait to whizz about on and tried it out by scooting up and down the hallway in her pyjamas.

We headed to the SeaLife Centre in Brighton for Violets Birthday day out, joined by my parents for the day. They have a ‘Jawsome Sharks’ exhibition on at the moment, so I knew it would be popular with our little Baby Shark fan!

After fun at the SeaLife Centre – we headed to Harry Ramsden’s for Violet’s favourite lunch – fish and chips! Shame it was such a cold, blustery day as we got soaked just walking across the road. The weather was so miserable but we didn’t let it get in the way of our day. Violet had a great time scoffing fish and chips with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. Plus, there were balloons which are always a winner!

All in all, our little princess had such a wonderful third birthday! I was a bit worried it might not be special enough without having a party, but I really couldn’t have been more wrong. I was so touched by the kindness and generosity of our friends and family for sending presents, organising visits and the effort everyone made to give Violet such a special day. She had the best time and that was clear to see!


We were kindly gifted tickets to see Zog Live and to the SeaLife Centre – all words and opinions are my own.

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