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Babies and children can be expensive little beasts, right? As a parent there is so much you need to buy, from cots to buggies, baby grows to nappies and everything in between. It really doesn’t stop – they soon grow to the next stage and need even more stuff. Having a child is an expensive business! When we had Violet I started shopping as soon as I’d had my 12-week scan to try and spread the costs as it really does add up. I love nothing more than scouring the Internet for deals, vouchers and sales and always try and save money where possible. Don’t we all? So, today I wanted to share a brilliant website that allows you to get amazing discounts on products, plus you can earn money whilst you shop! How brilliant is that? Perfect for parents, especially on maternity leave as every little really does help.


Quidco is a fantastic website that offers cashback on your purchases when you shop online. It literally takes just seconds to use and is really easy to fit into your normal shopping habits, either online or by using the mobile phone app. In this post, I’ll show you how it works, but I thought I’d start with the good news – I’ve got an AMAZING offer to get you started – you can earn £15 new member bonus when you sign up spend £15 on any retailer in the parents & kids category *.


To start earning money whilst you shop, simply sign up on the Quidco website using this link (to qualify for the bonus which is exclusive for my readers!) then you can browse all the retailers you’d like to shop with. There is also a great app that can be used on both iPhone and Android.

When you find the retailer you’d like to shop with, select them to see how much cashback you can earn. Here is an example from the Great Little Trading Company:

When you’ve decided who you want to shop with, click ‘Get Cashback’ and Quidco will redirect you to the store’s website where you can shop like normal. That’s it! Whilst you are doing your shopping Quidco is quietly doing the rest for you in the background, logging your transactions, making sure you are paid the cashback you are owed once the transaction has taken place.

Cashback will then show as ‘tracked’ within your account and once your purchase has been confirmed you will be able to withdraw the money, either through Paypal, BACS or in vouchers for retailers too. If you chose to withdraw your cashback in vouchers, often there will be further offers and bonuses to be had too.

As well as earning money from shopping online, you can also earn from referring friends. Quidco will give you a unique sign up code which gives you and your friend and extra little bonus when they sign up too.


Sometimes it might seem like you are only earning a few pennies from each transaction, but will all add up quickly! It’s so easy to use and takes just seconds to search for retailers and click through. When I started my account I was excited to withdraw £15 – I’ve since earned over £600 of what is essentially ‘free’ money. A great way of earning larger amounts is to use it for insurance policies or holiday bookings – I’ve made up to £100 in one transaction before!

Instead of withdrawing my cashback every time I earn money I like to save all the little amounts until they build into a bigger amount to withdraw and buy something I’ve been saving for, then it feels like an extra special treat. 


So, that is how Quidco works! It’s such a simple site to use, it costs nothing to get started, you can get earning straight away!

If you use my link to sign up, you’ll receive £15 when you sign up and spend £15 on any retailer within the parents & kids category!


Happy Shopping!



*Offer ends 19th June 2020

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