VTech Learn & Dance Dino Interactive Toy Review #VTechPlayPanel

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Both girls absolutely love dinosaurs, so when this brightly coloured, happy, dancing dinosaur arrived they just wanted to rip it out of the box and get playing! Introducing the VTech Learn & Dance Dino – the latest toy we’ve been sent to review as part of the VTech Play Panel.

The Learn & Dance Dino helps your little one learn through colours, sounds, emotions and movements. He comes with 9 plates which can be inserted into his back which instructs him on what to do, changing his voice, movements and music. Of those nine plates, there are 3 emotions (happy, sleepy, angry), there are three music plates (hip hop, ballet and marching) and three character plates (dino, robot, monster). Each plate gives him a new instruction which he can do for your little one to copy or dance along.

There is further learning as all the plates are colour coded and fit into certain shapes, so he’s great for colour matching and shape sorting games too.

The girls just love playing with their Learn & Dance dino, Pearl has taken a real shining to him with his bright colours and sweet music. She bops and dances along to the music. As he has over 32 sing-along songs and melodies, plus lots of phrases too the sounds don’t get too repetitive either.  The Learn & Dance dino asks lots of questions to keep them engaged and intrigued.

When you insert each plate into his back or press the buttons he will start dancing and moving across the floor, which really brings him to life. Both girls treat him like their little pet!

Violet plays with him by using imaginary role-play. She feeds him, puts him to bed, baths him (without water of course!) and is more understanding of the different plates and their meanings.

The Learn & Dance Dino is fabulous for toddlers of all ages up until 5 as there are so many different ways little ones can interact and play.

Like all VTech toys, they are created with parents in mind too – there are a few ‘parent-friendly’ functions such a volume switch, an automatic shut down and it’s super hard-wearing and durable too. Plus, his plates are stored away in a handy little egg so you can keep everything in one place and there aren’t lots of little parts to store away. 

The VTech Learn & Dance Dino can be ordered online here.

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