10 fabulous gift ideas for pet lovers

Thinking of buying a gift for someone special but can’t think what to buy? If they have a pet – there is your answer! It’s likely that as dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig owner or maybe even a more exotic lizard or snake owner – they will all be passionate about their animals, so finding them a gift related to their pet is always a great idea. Plus, are loads of personalisation options with most gifts to make them a lovely keepsake too! We’ve got lots of lovely items round our house which feature black labradors just like our dog, Robbie. We have prints, keyrings and feeding bowls, even have a home-made carrier bag holder which is in the cutest fabric with sweet little black labs -that was such a lovely gift and useful too!

So, today I’ve put together my top ten ideas for buying a gift for the ultimate pet owner – I hope you find it helpful!

Personalised blankets

A snuggly blanket is a great gift for all pet lovers, you could even get matching blankets so there is one for the human, one for the pet! There are plenty of options to get the blanket embroidered with a pets name or even printed with a picture of them to keep them close all year round.

Painting by numbers

If your special someone loves arts and crafts, a painted-by-numbers with a photo of their pet is a lovely personalised gift. You can order them a painting set including oil paints and an easy guide to painting their pets. You can use a photo of their pet or there are plenty of designs with animals of all shapes and sizes too.

Pet Portraits

A pet portrait is one of the sweetest gifts, the brand new vectorpets site allows you to create an online vectorized pet portrait! You can select whether to create either a detailed or cartoon illustration of your pet and it’ll be ready in as little as 24 hours. A pet portrait is a beautiful keepsake that can be kept forever.


A keyring is a handy gift for your pet lover, whether it’s the shape of their pet or an engraved paw print there are loads of options to choose from.


A fun novelty gift for pet lovers is a pair of personalised pet socks! The funkier the design the better to make a stand-out unique pair of socks!

Phone Case

Like keys, your phone is with you all the time, so a personalised pet phone case is a sweet but useful gift for all pet lovers, just make sure you catch a sneaky glimpse of their phone so you can get the perfect fit for the make and model of their handset.

Pet Embroidery

Another one for the crafty pet lovers! Why not buy your special someone an embroidery set based on their beloved pet? Or even better, you could make it yourself! What better gift than something you’ve spent the time and effort to craft for them.  You can choose from an array of embroidery designs to find the perfect picture of their pet to create your design.

Twinning bowl sets

Who doesn’t love twinning with their pet? With matching bowl sets for the animal and human you can twin during your meals, every day!

Wipe your paws doormat

Pets are cute, but don’t you mind they are always getting muddy paw prints all over your nice clean floors? A doormat would be a great gift to stop those mucky marks getting in the house! I especially love one I’ve seen embroidered with ‘Wipe your Paws’ which couldn’t be more relevant in our house!

Christmas Jumpers for your pets

Lastly, but not least, a Christmas jumper for your pet is a MUST. It might not be the festive season yet but it’s never too early to get your Christmas jumper ready and how cute are they on our pets?

That was my handy list of gifts for a pet lover! Which gift would you love to receive


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