5 ways I relax during lockdown

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Finding time to relax during lockdown is not easy, especially with two toddlers racing around. It has been intense – not helped by the fact I’m the sort of person that just keeps going and going until I crash and burn – which is never healthy! I’ve learned I need to almost force myself to relax or actively try to make time for relaxation it in our day, even if it’s just catching a few moments of quiet. It’s so important.  So, I’ve put together some simple ways I try and squeeze a little bit of relaxation into what is a crazy busy time…

Have a slow morning

When I wake up feeling more frazzled than I did the night before, I call a slow morning and throw the parenting rule book out the window. A Disney movie goes on, there is no rush to get up and dressed, we just take everything at the pace that feels right for us. The warm mornings have helped as I can sit on the steps in the garden with my coffee whilst the girls have a run around the garden too.

Wear super comfy clothes

Jeans have no place in lockdown – they’ve been firmly inside my wardrobe for weeks, comfy clothes are the way forward!  I’ve been mainly living in loungewear sets, like these grey loungewear sets and a big fluffy dressing gown! If you aren’t going out, what is the point of dressing up!


I never thought I’d be one for gardening as I usually kill even the hardiest of houseplants, but I’ve actually enjoyed renovating our dilapidated old greenhouse and planting some tomato and beetroot plants, which I lovingly water every evening once the kids have gone to bed. My greenhouse is like a little sanctuary, I’m already looking out for my next green-fingered project!

Painting and Colouring

You’d think I’d have had enough of painting and colouring by the end of the day with two toddlers, but adult colouring is totally different and so relaxing! I’ve been working my way through this Studio Ghibli Colouring Book with my set of Watercolour pencils, which are strictly a child-free zone. We’ve also ordered some personalised Painted-By-Numbers which should arrive soon, I’ve not done one since I was little – I can’t wait to get stuck in! I’ve found colouring is such a great way to zone out after a busy day, it really does help to clear the mind.

Baking bread

My final new obsession is baking – we’ve made everything from cakes to cookies. My biggest challenge has been teaching myself to bake bread. I’ve never made bread before so hadn’t a clue where to start but slowly but surely am finding my feet. One of my biggest challenges also isn’t making the bread, but sourcing the ingredients – flour is sold out everywhere! I ended up buying a sack of 16kg of bread flour, so I think that’ll keep me going for a while! My goal is to teach myself to bake perfect sourdough, then I’ll know I’ve made it as a baker! I’ve found there is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and making yourself a slice of toast from homemade bread – so satisfying.



So, basically I’ve mainly been gardening, baking bread and wearing loungewear sets in lockdown – how do you relax? 



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