7 Reasons Why Staycations Are The Future

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The current outbreak of coronavirus has caused chaos across the globe, and as travel is restricted and people are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, it means that the travel industry has been massively affected. It also looks as though the travel industry will be one of the last to recover and go back to a new normal. This pandemic will likely have a significant impact on how we travel in the future as a number of airlines have already warned that they may not survive without a government bailout and as it seems as though coronavirus is already having an unprecedented impact on international travel, even when we do emerge from a period of stricter social distancing, people will likely be cautious about traveling abroad as no one can be sure whether the virus will still be present and if we will be at risk. 

Staycations have already become increasingly popular over the past few years due to things like Brexit and climate change. However, coronavirus is set to boost this popularity even further. While it is a difficult time for everyone at the moment and very difficult to plan for the future, we all need holidays and now could be the perfect time to start thinking about your next staycation. It looks as though staycations will become a very popular option once the dust has settled on the virus outbreak, but here are seven other reasons why staycations are so great!

You can take your pets with you.

One of the best things about having a holiday somewhere more local is that you can take your pets with you. While you don’t have to worry about flights, you can put your pets in the car with you just as you would if you were going for a day out. It is essential to make sure that you have the right equipment to keep your pets safe. You might need to get a carrier for your cat or make sure you drive legally and secure your dog with a dog car harness. Not only do you get to take your furry friend with you on your holiday, but you also don’t have to worry about putting them in kennels or getting a friend or family member to look after them. Just think of your doggo’s face when he’s running on the beach having the time of his life. 

Familiarity with the health service

During the coronavirus pandemic, one thing that has stood out in this country is how lucky we are to have access to such an excellent health service. When international travel does become an option again, people will likely be more cautious about traveling far away from home if they believe they could fall ill. By staying in the UK, you know that you have access to the National Health Service and are familiar with how it works. This offers a sense of reassurance and comfort that cannot be found with traveling abroad.

The UK is so beautiful.

One of the best things about the UK is the number of beautiful places there are here, from remote countryside villages to charming coastal towns. You don’t always get the chance to appreciate your own country even though there are beautiful, historic, and fascinating sights on your doorstep. There really is no need to go anywhere else.

Save Money

You can easily cut down your travel bills by eliminating costs straight away. Booking flights can be really frustrating, too, with the fluctuating flight prices and the extra costs associated with baggage and food. Staying somewhere more local in your home country means that there is no need to book a flight, hotel stay, or even a car rental. It means that you can jump into your own car, book an Airbnb, and you can also take your own food and meals for your stay if you want to cut down costs even further. 

For the environment

Air travel is a substantial contributing factor to each individual’s carbon footprint. It has been advised that you can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of air travel you undertake each year. If you have a staycation instead then, you can enjoy your holiday, even more, knowing that you haven’t added any more pollution to our planet!

You can fully relax and unwind.

When you book a staycation, there aren’t many details you have to worry about. You don’t have to worry about getting the right currency, if you have all the necessary documents, or if your luggage will pass as a carry-on. Instead of worrying about travel times, you can rest easy knowing that it’s only a brief journey there and back. That means more time relaxing and unwinding and less time on a plane or standing in queues. 

Far More Family-Friendly Trips

Many parents of young children or teens find that there are more options when staying in the UK and more trips which are suitable for all ages. Traveling with kids of any age can be more stressful than enjoyable—especially if it’s the kids’ first time going abroad or the family is heading to a destination that doesn’t appeal to everybody. Planning something local means that everyone who’s going will already be familiar with the area and parents don’t need to worry about long hours keeping kids entertained at the airport, or anywhere from else along the journey. This can make for a more relaxing time for everyone and eliminate much of the stress and hassle of planning a family holiday abroad.


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