An Easy 6 Step Guide to Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle

The amount of vegans around the world grows every day and has surged in popularity over the last few years. There is a good reason behind it: adopting the diet is good for good your mind, body and the planet! It can give you more energy, reduces harm to animals, and is also good for the environment. It’s win-win-win, you might say. However, if you’re thinking about turning vegan yourself, then there’s a chance that you feel slightly overwhelmed. After all, changing everything (well, a lot) that you eat is no easy matter –  but it’s not impossible. Take a read of our tips below, and you’ll be a bona fide vegan in no time.


First, Take a Test 

To understand more about the way your body works, taking a test can deepen your understanding.

A simple nutritional test can work out which meats or animal products are causing the body irritation and also check the nutrients lacking within your diet. This test is perfect for working out if meat/animal-based products are causing more harm than good within your system and if you’d be better suited to a vegan diet. has been offering customers affordable, reliable vegan testing online since 2015.

There are two different types of test available:

  • Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel – designed for those who are already vegan to assess nutritional balance to achieve a fully balanced diet.
  • The “Should I Be Vegan? Test – designed for those considering becoming vegan and those who may be experiencing unwanted side effects from meat and dairy within their diet.

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Start Slow

You might be excited to start your new journey into veganism, and especially so if you’ve just finished watching one of the many documentaries that have convinced many people to adopt the diet. However, it’s not something you can just jump into, or at least you can’t without having a steady stream of informative books and blogs by your side. To make the diet a permanent part of your lifestyle, consider starting slow. Your decision will become a deeper part of your life if you give it time to sink into all of your meals rather than rushing in and giving up within days.

Easy Substitutes

One of the best things about veganism becoming trendy is that there’s plenty of “meat substitutes” available that you can easily add to your diet. This will ensure that your meals continue to taste great and that you’re also getting all the minerals and nutrients you need to be happy and healthy. When it comes to cooking, look at switching out your meat with soy-based alternatives. To get the benefits of eating fish without actually have to do so, buy omega 3 for vegans. It’s a myth that you can only get what you need to be healthy from other living creatures – don’t worry! 

Get Staples into the Cupboard

Many vegans start with the best of intentions but give up when the going gets tough. An example of this is when they don’t have much food in the house and don’t have enough recipes in their locker. Get around this by having a few easy to make vegan meals, and by stocking your cupboards with the staples that’ll ensure you’ll never go hungry – quinoa, kale, and vegetables can be made into a delicious meal if you splash some soy sauce into the pan. Batch cooking and freezing is also a great way to start out. 

Get Juicing

You won’t always have time to make a nutritious meal. This is where one of the greatest inventions of all time, the blender, comes in. It’s easy to avoid snacking on donuts and other pastries if you can throw plenty of tasty fruit and veg into a machine, and have a meal replacement (effectively) within thirty seconds.

Remember Why You’re Doing It

Finally, remember that it’s not always easy to be a vegan. Temptation can be everywhere! So keep in mind why you’ve adopted this lifestyle, remember the benefits to your mind, body and soul (plus the planet too) and you’ll find that it’s even easier to say no to those bars of chocolate!


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