Keeping Your Family as Safe as Possible During Lockdown

Lockdown has proven to be a strange time for many of us. The rapid spread of coronavirus has dramatically changed our lives and rather than sticking to our usual routines, we’re having to adapt to a new way of life. We’re not going to work. The little ones aren’t at school. We can’t go out other than for essentials, such as food and drink. So, it’s not all too surprising that many of us are feeling a little on edge and are looking for the best ways to keep our families as safe as possible during these difficult times. Here are a few steps that can help you to achieve this goal!

Take Precautions

Of course, staying at home is the most effective way to prevent your family’s chances of contracting coronavirus. But we’re also aware that many of us need to head out from time to time in order to collect essentials such as food and medication. There are precautions you can take to minimise the risk associated with this. First, have as few family members leave the house as possible. If one adult can stay at home to mind younger children while one adult heads out to complete the food shopping or collect prescriptions, the better. The fewer people who go out in public, the less chance you have of picking anything up. When leaving the house, make sure to use a disposable face mask and latex gloves. Have a hand sanitiser with you so you can clean your hands when necessary. Touch as few things as possible and always keep a two metre distance between you and anyone else.

Monitor Kids’ Phone Usage

Of course, you shouldn’t monitor adults’ phone usage. But the internet can be a pretty dark place for little ones and when they’re bored, they may be more prone to be encouraged to talk to strangers online as a means of alleviating their boredom. This isn’t safe and could pose a potential risk to their safety. So, make sure to monitor their phone use. This can help you to know what they’re doing and who they’re communicating with. If you identify potentially dangerous activity, you can put a stop to issues sooner rather than later. There are ways to do this without installing software. You can find out more about this on the recent Family Orbit blog.

Ensure Everyone’s Still Exercising

It can seem difficult to exercise with current restraints and guidelines in place. But it’s important that you ensure your family are still getting their recommended amounts of exercise. You can find plenty of fun home workouts online. If you have a garden, use this to your advantage too. Sure, it may not feel as effective or fun as the gym, sports clubs or fitness classes. But you need to work with what you have!

These are simple steps but they can make all the difference to your family and their health, safety and wellbeing during these unprecedented times!

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