My Summer Garden Wishlist

With the UK lockdown going on for the next few weeks (at least!) it seems we will be in our gardens a huge amount this summer, thank goodness this is all happening over the summer so we can enjoy the good weather at least. As we’ll be spending so long in our garden, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about doing up the garden – by the end of lockdown, everyone’s gardens will be immaculate! With holidays and days out all cancelled – we may as well treat ourselves to a few of the garden wishlist items we’ve been talking about getting for that last few years and make our garden the perfect space for spending our summer.

Here is our summer garden wishlist –


Surely this is the ultimate in garden furniture! As soon as the lockdown started they sold out like hotcakes. We’ve wanted one for years and have finally taken the plunge – I scoured the Internet daily and finally found a site with stock. Let’s hope it’s delivered soon as I can’t wait to give it a try!


As well as a hot tub, we are also planning to get some luxury rattan garden furniture to sit alongside it on our patio. I’d really love to get a huge, comfy corner seating unit which would be perfect either for lounging and sunbathing during the day or enough seats for a little gathering in the evening (once lockdown is over, of course!) I’d also absolutely love a hammock with stand, relaxing in the sun would be ultimate bliss!


Our garden is pretty but lacks any colour. I want to buy a selection of brightly coloured plants and flowers that will bloom every year and fill our garden with colour. We’ve also got a greenhouse so I’m really enjoying growing some tomato plants and want to get some other veggies to grow too. This will be perfect as the girls love planting so it’s great to get them involved and teach them about caring for plants.


Alongside our new hot tub and furniture, we will need a huge shade to protect the girl’s fair skin on hot, sunny days. I really love the look of the overhanging parasols, with the stand to the side so you get maximum shade space.


We are getting a new toy, so I suppose the children should get one too! I’d love to put up a Swing Set for the children, I love this Swing and Seesaw set, the girls would have so much fun playing on this together. I think that would keep them busy over the summer for sure!

What would you want to add to your garden this summer? 

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