Visitor Plateau? Increasing Your Blog’s Interaction Rate

Do you get the feeling that your blog is on a lifeline? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and just can’t seem to grow any bigger. All blogs go through this phase so don’t worry. The cause of this decline or levelling off could be one and the same. More often than not, it’s always to do with the lack of interaction. Either you don’t have enough or you’ve managed to accumulate a loyal following but ‘stragglers’ are decreasing in number. If you would like to strap a rocket ship to your blog, you need to make it come alive. Interact with your readers, upload more video content so you have more variety and offer your customers a free product. 

Something for nothing?

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Inexpensive yet interesting products have always been an attention grabber. Many businesses such as RealMenRealStyle, have created a free eBook. In the eBook, a customer gets a taste of the knowledge, expertise, products and services the business can offer them. You should make something similar for your blog. Do you write about family recipes? Create a free eBook of your 10 favorite recipes for a family of 4. The angle could be that each meal costs less than $3. It could be of a particular cuisine such as Italian, French or Cajun. Placing a one-click ad of your free eBook should lead customers to a simple webform that requires their email address to receive. Now they have something for nothing, but you have their email address which you can use to send promotional messages of new posts.

Increasing visitors?

Could it be that your blog has the potential to get bigger but just can’t break through a plateau? This is something that can be resolved by moving off a shared server. There could be 10+ people using one server, which limits your speed, bandwidth and storage space. With a cheap vps you are released from these shackles. You have a wide range of OS platforms to choose from, including Windows, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. The packages range from a small 2GB of RAM and 25GB of SSD space to 300 GB SSD space, 60TB of bandwidth and a whopping 64GB of RAM. Increased speed and storage allows you to host a larger comment section, post more blogs without old ones being deleted off the server, upload videos without worrying about taking up space and increasing your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Make viral content

So many bloggers treat their blog like a diary that is open to a few friends. Stop this now! It’s a business, nothing more nothing less. Yes, it’s a great platform for your honest thoughts but you’re trying to earn a living at the end of the day. Thus, you should focus on making every post go viral. Write a polarizing, inquisitive, shocking or daring title for each post; you’re trying to get people through the door. Edit images to draw attention to your posts.

Many bloggers feel that they have gone as far as they can go when they stop seeing increases in traffic. But a VPS will allow you to have more space and speed, so you can handle more visitors, comments and host more ads.


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