Why Your Blog Is Struggling To Get A Broad Readership

We’d all love to have successful blogs that rake in the advertising pennies, but actually getting to that stage can take many years. You can have great content – as we do here – but unless you know how to play the game, you wind up stagnating. And that’s never a good feeling. 

So why is your blog stagnating? And what can you do to get people reengaged with your site? 

You’re Not Making Friends With Other Bloggers

The blogging community is fundamental for explaining the reason why some blogs succeed, and others don’t.

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Nobody lives in isolation. The internet connects everyone. But despite this, some bloggers take the view that they should never reach out to people working in complementary fields. The fashion blogger, for instance, never sees the benefit of talking to the dating and relationships blogger, even though there are clear overlaps between the two. 

Making friends with other bloggers is vital for the long-term success of your enterprise. By establishing links with other people, you tap into their traffic and direct it to their sites. 

You Don’t Build Lists

Writing a massive chunk of prose on a topic might be a great way to entertain yourself, but it won’t attract people on the internet. The average person interested in your content wants a few quick soundbites that they can apply in their lives. They don’t want a complicated stream of consciousness. Reading through that sort of thing is no fun. 

You should, therefore, start building lists—the longer and more comprehensive you can make them, the better. If your competitors have thirty items in their list, then aim for forty in yours. 

You’re Not Bothering With SEO

SEO might sound like something exclusively for the business world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Blogs need to play the game too. If they don’t, then they run the risk of getting buried under a mountain of content. 

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You don’t need to do everything yourself. Working with an SEO company allows you to get on with the day job while they take care of the technicalities. 

You’re Not Getting Feedback

Publishing and praying is a bad idea. You can’t spend your time writing content, uploading it and then hoping for the best. You have to be continually aware of the type of writing that your audience wants. In a sense, you have to predict their desires. 

Don’t spend 80 per cent of your time writing your content and then 20 per cent promoting it. That’s a bad idea. It’s much better to reverse those percentages. In fact, that’s what a lot of pro bloggers actually do to make themselves more popular. 

You’re Failing To Adhere To A Schedule

Blogging requires a lot of discipline. You can’t just post updates whenever you have the time to spare in the day. That won’t go down well with your audience. 

It is a much better idea to keep to a strict schedule and not allow yourself to view your Facebook page until you’re done.


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