5 easy ways to create better social media graphics

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Scrolling through social media can be totally overwhelming. So much to see, so little time! It’s hard to find the posts you love in a sea of noise, isn’t it? That’s why when you are creating social media graphics for your business, blog or social media it’s so important to stand out. You don’t want your post and your message to get lost in that moving tide of posts.

Did you know the time it takes the human brain to process visual information is 60,000 times faster than the time it takes to decode text? That means first impressions really count!

It’s amazing the impact our branding and social media graphics can have. So, in this blog post, I will share with you 5 really easy tips for creating better social media graphics to ensure your brand is cohesive, stands out and attracts the right audience!

Use high-quality images 

When posting to social media or finding graphics to put in your pin designs it is important to ensure that your imagery isn’t blurry or low quality. The very best option is to take your own images. That way they will be unique to you and exactly what you are looking for, although I know it’s often time-consuming or not possible! So, another option is finding stock images. I’ve found a few really fabulous resources which are often free too.  A few places to find high-quality images could include Unsplash or Pexels – although remember to download the image, don’t just screenshot it for the best quality!

Don’t clutter the design 

Simple, clear designs are usually the way forward, you want to avoid anything too cluttered as it’ll confuse or lose your message within the chaos. Designs that often are the best is when the visuals (including the colour and imagery) work with the typography to ensure the words stand out. These fonts from FontBundles are a great example of designs where the typography and message really stands out. 


When choosing a font there are so many to choose from – sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but FontBundles has a free font for absolutely every design and project you can think of. The website makes it super easy, you can browse and preview each font, in fact, they have over 150,000 marketplace products so you will always find what you looking for! I really love how the helpful website has mock-up designs created with each font, which give you a real indication on what it’ll look like on your graphic. So, whether you are looking for sophisticated and swirly, bold and bright or even a tattoo font, they’ll have to you covered! 

Use consistent colours and fonts 

So, once we’ve chosen our font we need to make it consistent with the colours you choose. I think the importance of consistency is underrated so having a recognisable brand very important. For this, consistency is key. When all of your blog and social media channels cover images are all cohesive, people will begin to recognise your business through your branding. It’s best to take some time to decide on a font and colour scheme that you want to stick with, as you’ll be seeing it a lot! Follow your gut instinct, you’ll know what sits right and feels the best for you.

Create templates and recycle them 

Time is of the essence for most of us, right? There isn’t the time in the day to create new graphics and designs, so making a few templates has been a massive game changer for me and has saved stacks of time. Plus it helps to create a brand identity and consistency across all of my social channels too! For example, I have 3 Pinterest templates that I rotate through for every blog post and all I need to do is change out the images and text. I also have templates for my Instagram Stories – all of these using my selected colour scheme and font.

Use other people’s graphics as inspiration

Lastly, this step isn’t to copy your competition, but rather to find inspiration for design styles that catch your eye.  When you are on social media make a note of other posts that inspire you and create a moodboard. Pinterest is a great place to save ideas to come back to when you need a bit of design inspiration for a new project!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful!

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