5 Ways To Make Your Mornings Better

Let’s face it, a lot of us are not morning people. If we had our way we would sleep past morning, wake up briefly in the afternoon and sleep again at night. However, we need to remember that sleeping doesn’t pay the bills. That said, many people have shared different benefits of waking up early, some of them include being able to have your quiet time, meditate, drink water and even exercise to kick start the day. So, if you’re a bit of a scrooge when you first wake up, here are ways to make your mornings more tolerable,


  • Stretches/exercise 

Exercise releases some hormones that keep you feeling good and helps you kick start the day. Nevertheless, not everybody can join the exercise bandwagon, so stretches are also a good alternative. You can do a few light stretches to loosen up your muscles and have you ready for the day. In these difficult corona times, it’s easy to feel drained, but regular exercise can help keep you sane and active. I also like to take a couple of drops of CBD oil for a stress free way to start the day. 


  • Drinking water

Sleeping for 8 hours can leave us quite dehydrated. Research has shown that drinking water first thing in the morning has tremendous health benefits and helps to loosen our bowels. Adding a slice of lemon for good measure can help with boosting your immune system and aiding digestion.

  • Stay away from devices.

This has to be the most challenging thing to do, a lot of people are so glued to their devices, and it’s the first thing they reach for as soon as they open their eyes. Studies equally show that checking social media or scanning through emails in the morning can increase anxiety levels. So, it is important to ease yourself into your day, maybe reading a book first.


  • Make a cup of coffee

The pleasant smell of coffee can drive away the morning blues. In fact, it does not just lift the spirit, it wakes up your senses and helps you feel more alert. Ultimately, a freshly brewed cup in the morning is makes you undefeatable for a moment in time. You can take extra steps by placing your order ahead of time, so you do not miss your next day coffee.


  • Have a healthy breakfast

Research has shown that breakfast is considered the most important meal. We get energy from food, so it makes sense that breakfast increases our energy levels to help us start the day. This is especially important if you were able to get in some exercise. Even more, you shouldn’t be going anywhere with your tummy growling for food because it ends up affecting your focus and productivity. 


  • Plan ahead


One of the best ways to have better mornings is to plan the next day right before going to bed. Plan everything from the tasks you have to accomplish at work to taking your dog to the vet. Also, pick and lay out your clothes for the next day so you can bypass the confusion that comes with deciding what to wear in the morning.

In conclusion, it doesn’t take much to transform your mornings. Try the following tips listed above with consistency and see how much difference it will make to your wellbeing.

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