Are shoulder bags still worth the price you pay for them?

This is quite likely one of the more controversial fashion questions you can ask, and there will be two clear schools of thought. One side will think that designer shoulder bags cost more than they should do, and there will be those who truly believe they are worth every penny. So what side are you on? 

If you’re on the side of the former, you need to read this article more than most…

Why buy a designer shoulder bag? 

If you’re taking into consideration buying a new bag, you have a few decisions to make. Firstly, what type of bag do you want; is it a rucksack, bumbag, crossbody bag or a traditional shoulder bag? Then once that decision is made, it’s how much do you want to spend. You can quite literally spend anything you want, from just a few pounds to thousands for a high-end designer piece. This might seemingly be excessive to some people, but when you think about it, we are all different and value different things. 

A designer bag simply isn’t the same as a non-branded one. Not only are you getting the functionality of the item’s purpose (to carry your stuff), you’re getting it done in a way that will frankly make your outfit look better. The branding will bring an extra element to that by it being instantly recognisable as a high-quality, premium item that has a superior look and feel. 

The benefits of designer bags

When you choose a designer bag, you are choosing to buy something which is a cut above other products you might buy. That’s why they can cost a little more, or sometimes even a lot more. You’re paying more for the better materials that they are made of and the extra care taken in the design of it. You’re of course paying for the name too, but that’s synonymous with the quality, as the branding is the reflection of that quality. 

Your designer bag will stand the test of time not simply because the better standard of materials and manufacture will mean they physically last longer, but also because the style and branding will make sure they stand the test of time in the looks department too. Fashions come and go, but a designer product will still look great in a decade. 

How to get a designer bag at a lower cost

So whilst a designer bag is worth the RRP anyway, it is always far better to not have to pay the full amount. After all, if you can get precisely the same thing at a cheaper cost, who would want to pay top whack?! Fortunately, there are places where you can source designer products for more affordable prices, meaning you get all the benefits of the designer bag without the high price tag. Auction sites and sales are two great ways, but there are also some reputable websites which sell them at a discounted price. Find those ones, and you find complete bargains available all the time! 


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