How People Around The World Celebrate A New Baby

When you’re welcoming a new life into the world and into your family, there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to take the time to celebrate that. However, what’s the best way to do that, whether you’re celebrating in preparation of their arrival or welcoming them to the world after they have been born? Here, we’re going to look at some of the most interesting ways we celebrate the birth of a baby, both here and across the world.

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The baby shower

The most common and traditional of all ways to celebrate the coming of a brand new member of the family. The baby shower is a simple yet exciting affair. It’s usually a fairly small scale party, planned and hosted by either a member of the family or a close friend, often at your home or someone else’s home. In most cases, there will be tea, there will be cakes, there might be some games, even a speech of two. For most baby showers, there are also definitely presents to enjoy and help you get prepared for the coming challenge that is raising a little human being. Baby showers can be wildly different from one another so if you want to throw a bigger bash, you can certainly feel free to.

The blessing way

There are a lot of modern Pagan practitioners who take part in ceremonies and traditions that are designed to help them feel a lot closer to nature and certain primordial forces. The archetypical mother is celebrated a lot in these circles and, as such, the birth of a child is something to be taken very seriously. To that end, many modern pagans hold a Blessingway instead of (or on top of) a baby shower. This involves having the female friends of the expecting mother gather, brushing her hair, and washing her feet, offering her a gift with a spiritual meaning, such as a prayer or icon of good luck, and then having a feast together. The specifics of the Blessingway can differ from group to group, but the primary focus is honoring the mother in a slightly more spiritual way.

The gender reveal

A significantly more modern practice, and one that’s distinctly American, but has quickly been making its way across the globe. The gender reveal is, as the name suggests, a way to celebrate the impending birth of a child while also showing what sex it’s going to be. There are a lot of creative and fun gender reveal ideas that can involve presenting a cake with blue or pink icing, making it rain colored confetti, or even taking a photo with something like a sand drawing or chalk drawing proudly proclaiming the gender. It’s not just a way to say you’re having a boy or a girl, it’s also taking the time to celebrate a pregnancy healthily getting even closer to that due date.

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Planting a reminder

One Maori tradition still celebrated by many families is the act of planting the baby’s placenta after the birth of the child, specifically in the place your ancestors came from. This act is seen as a way to tie your current and future family with those who came before you. While not as widely practiced today, thanks to the fact that it’s harder to find a spot in the city to do this, a lot of people still do greatly like the idea of planting something to commemorate the birth of a baby by planting something. As such, perhaps you could take a leaf from this book and plant a tree near the day of their birth, as well.

Let the party come to you

Several cultures suggest that a new mother should do nothing else but chill in the home for a while. For instance, Armenian mothers won’t take the child out of the house for 40 days, instead of letting family members and friends come to see them (with gifts, of course.) New mothers in Turkey, however, do it a little differently. They only say home for 20 days after the birth, after which, they then start making the rounds to their friends and family and, once again, pick up gifts. You may not want to formally spend 20-40 days cooped up, but it’s certainly important to give yourself a little R&R after you’ve gone through childbirth.

Donating to charity

This is a more modern tradition that people who have already have plenty have started to celebrate. Instead of receiving gifts, you can always encourage your friends and family to donate to charity if you’re perfectly satisfied with your lot. This idea is a little more common when it comes to newlyweds, but it has been spreading slowly throughout the world of new and expecting mothers, as well. In many cases, parents will ask their loved ones to donate specifically to children’s charities, so those who might not have as much luck as their own baby, in being in a safe and secure family, can get the help that they need.

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