How To Help With Hair Loss As We Age

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Hair loss is something that both men and women may have to deal with in their lifetime. As we age, our hair starts to get thinner where we want it to be thick, and thick where we want it to be thin! It can affect our mental health and make us feel awkward about social situations. There are plenty of ways you can help to keep your hair in top condition and encourage regrowth, regardless of your age or gender. 

If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, then you could consider FUE hair transplants. This can completely reverse the look of balding and will give you natural hair. Many people have benefitted from hair transplants, and once you have started to see some growth, no one will notice what you have had done. Treatments like this could be costly, so if your situation isn’t extreme, then you could consider some at-home remedies which might solve your issues. 

Coconut oil has been used in hair treatments for several years and has gained a reputation as being a brilliant hair growth agent. Castor oil has also been used in the past with some positive results. However, coconut oil has an incredible history stretching back many years. Coconut is naturally high in fatty acids, and this can help to stimulate the follicles and promote natural cell regeneration. The results can be thicker and fuller hair. It is also excellent on your eyebrows and eyelashes if you have noticed a thinning in these as you get older. 

In addition to oils, hair growth serums have become increasingly popular for promoting healthy hair. Hair growth serum often contains a blend of active ingredients and vitamins that nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Offering a convenient and targeted solution, serums work to strengthen hair, minimize breakage, and promote overall hair growth, making them ideal for individuals looking to enhance the thickness and vitality of their hair. Regular use of hair growth serums, in conjunction with natural oils, can contribute to a comprehensive approach to hair care.

Caffeine is another potential treatment which has been used in shampoos and can help to stimulate hair growth. If used topically, it can have dramatic results, and you could see progress within 100 hours of using it. Drinking coffee for hair growth isn’t recommended as you would have to drink nearly 60 cups of coffee in a day to see any results, and that would be terrible for your heart health.

You can use black tea if you don’t have coffee. Using just two teabags in 500 ml of water will give you an excellent rinse for your hair. You should use it for around 20 minutes to get the benefits. You could also make a scrub with coffee grounds and warm coconut oil. If you massage this into your hair roots for 10 minutes, you will get the benefits. Then you simply wash it off with your usual shampoo and conditioner. 

Massaging your scalp can work too as it stimulates blood flow which can help encourage hair growth. You can do this yourself or speak to a hairdresser who will give you a deep scalp massage. When you wash your hair, spend a little extra time rubbing your scalp before you rinse off your shampoo.=

Another form of hair loss treatment could be to look into prescription medication. There are topical creams and tablets available that can help to enlarge hair follicles and lengthen the growth phase of hair. While such medication can often be more effective than DIY remedies, you should be wary of possible side effects. You should talk to a doctor to work out which types of medication are suitable for you.

You should also be mindful about the products you use to style your hair. Heat can damage the hair and will make it weaker, so avoid drying your hair if you can. Instead, allow it to air dry. 

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