Signs That You’re On The Right Path In Life

At times it can be worrying to think about what direction our lives are travelling in, especially during stressful or uncertain times.

It’s very natural to consider the path you’re on and whether you can change anything in the future. It’s important to realise that all of your past experiences have contributed to making the person that you are now.

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You care less about what others think

It isn’t always the case, but the older you get, the less you worry about how other people perceive your actions. It’s natural to look for approval from other people and it’s often what holds people back from doing what they want. Once you are at ease with your own choices and know that they are the right choices for you, then it’ll become easier to make those decisions. By all means, seek feedback and advice from other people, but always know that you don’t need acceptance from anyone else but yourself and your family.

When you can stand in confidence about your decisions and actions, without having to make excuses, you know you’re heading in the right direction.

You challenge obstacles

Sometimes we’re given challenges that are unexpected and when life may be cruising along quite happily, there will inevitably be bumps along the way. When life is going well, in fact ‘too well’, we can be wary of everything being calm and it’ll often be the way that an obstacle will be thrown in your path at some point.

The key to overcoming these hurdles, is to think about ways to get over them. We all go through a process of working through issues and coming up with the best way to handle them, then over time, the answer becomes clear. Remember that obstacles will always present themselves, it’s just all about how you choose to handle them when they arise.

Everything starts falling into place

You may have been through periods of instability in your life and will know the feeling of uncertainty and not feeling at peace with your situation. When everything starts to align and come together like a jigsaw puzzle, then you know that it’s the right direction for you.

Life has a funny way of showing its hand and we all have chapters in our life that perhaps haven’t gone the way that we would have hoped or expected. Some might call it destiny and it can also be useful to see what the stars say about your life path, such as the meaning of life path 11 in your life.

You’re motivated for the future

It can take years to find something that truly gets you excited and it’s a good sign that you’ve found that makes you happy, if you’re motivated and energised about where your life is heading.

You might be feeling more productive and rising earlier to get on with your day, excited about what lies ahead. If you’re looking forward to getting back to your job or whatever is making you feel more positive, then it’s a great sign that you’re on the path you should be.

Your stress levels are down

Life might be a whirlwind when things are going well, but you might not always notice that you’re feeling less stressed when life is on track. If you stop and think, you may notice that you’re sleeping better, have less anxiety and generally feel fitter in yourself.

Being in situations that are ‘bad stress’ takes a toll on you, mentally and physically. Whereas being busy and active in something you love, pumps you up and feeds your energy and drive to get things done.

Having a reduced stress level means a healthier immune system and a stronger ability to fight off illness and disease, which in turn leads to feeling healthy, strong, and ready to find the right path in life.

You’re not clock watching

If you’re busy doing something that’s right for you, then it’s more than likely that you’ll lose track of time doing what you’re doing.

When you look up and see that you’ve lost a few hours or more, you can bet what you’re working on is truly in line with what matters to you and what you need to be doing.  When hard work doesn’t feel hard, but rather, it’s exciting, rejuvenating, and energising. Some people describe themselves as going into a sort of creative trance – where they lose hours or a whole day when they’re working on something that lights them up and feeds their soul.

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