7 Reasons You’ll Love Your First Ski Holiday

Thinking of trying a family ski holiday for the first time this winter?

The great news is that snowsports are becoming more accessible and inclusive than ever, with a wide range of resorts available at locations in Europe and beyond to suit people of all ability levels, tastes and budgets.

Read these seven reasons you’ll love your first ski holiday and you’ll realise why hitting the slopes might beat your usual beach break. 

  • Scenery

Nature doesn’t get more dramatic than snow-capped mountains scraping bright blue skies  ̶  the scenery in ski areas is simply sublime, as this Gaëtan Piolot Alpine drone video proves!  

  • Bonding as beginners

Many European ski resorts offer free skiing on the nursery slopes and plenty of easy green runs for beginners, which means you can ski together and enjoy bonding as you develop an amazing new skill.

  • Snowpark fun

If you and/or your kids want to try freestyle skiing or snowboarding, well-appointed ski resorts usually have snowparks with a range of obstacles like rails, boxes and air bags that provide a soft landing while practicing jumps.

  • Kids Activities off the slopes

You might not want to spend every single day on the slopes, which is why family-focused resorts like France’s La Plagne provide alternative activities to keep kids entertained, like storytelling, dogsledding and tobogganing. 

  • Après-ski

When the sun sets on the slopes, it’s time for a little adult fun and the après-ski is as important to many visitors as the on-piste action. At various resorts you’ll find everything from cosy cocktail bars to buzzing nightclubs  ̶  for instance, La Folie Douce at Val Thorens Europe’s highest dancefloor! Ski holiday experts like Erna Low can help arrange a lively break in a bustling resort.

  • Cosy accommodation

Ski accommodation architecture varies from traditional chalet to brutalist styles and everything in between. But it’s always built for comfort and convenience, so if you like chatting by the fireside with a vin chaud in hand or relaxing in an in-house spa or sauna, you’ll feel right at home.

  • Health and fitness

The health benefits of skiing are manifold  ̶  finding your balance improves your core strength, your legs will get wonderfully toned, it’s a cracking cardio workout and can lead to you losing up to 5lbs in weight in a week. Curb your apres-ski excesses and you could return home looking and feeling better than ever  ̶  what’s not to love? To find out more about the science behind the health benefits of downhill skiing, refer to this research from NCBI

These seven reasons you’ll love your first ski holiday should convince you to strap on your boots and make for the mountains  ̶  we’re sure you’ll never look back! 

That’s our list! What are your favourite benefits of a skiing holiday? Share them in the comments section. 


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