Flooring Choices to Live For – Living Life’s Options with Vinyl Flooring

A person’s home should be a reflection of themselves in every area from furniture to colour schemes to placements. 

With this in mind when building an identity from the ground up, your flooring throughout the home should be a major consideration before fitting out your dream home. Luckily, with the advent of luxury vinyl flooring you get to explore that avenue at a fraction of the cost and hassle you would receive with the real thing.

So what kind of person are you?

Light Wood

Having that all natural look and feel top your home allows you to showcase your peace loving nature as well as your bright interior. 

With light shade curtains and blinds you can really feel the natural benefit on those sunny days where a light wood vinyl floor would give your room a glow. If you like to lay on the couch with a good book and cup of tea then light wood vinyl will give a real calming ambience to the room, allowing you to relax and soak in the feel of a back to nature environment.

Dark Wood

Feeling a more sophisticated and moody atmosphere, dark wood vinyl is a choice for those who like to display a touch of class and elegance to their surroundings.

Whilst some like to match furniture and cabinets to match the dark look to give a feel of consistency, some like to marvel at the reflective qualities a dark wood floor can provide with an ever present shine. Dark wood vinyl is perfect for those who look to have a study area or office within the home, adding that mark of professionalism and grandeur for those who visit.


The look of stone vinyl is a perfect fit for those whose home is their castle.

Without the risk of damage that real stone can endure, a look of stone vinyl in dark or light adds a look and feel of a high class homestead which enriches the room and impresses those who come over. Perfect for your study, living room area, bathroom or kitchen, the stone effect vinyl provides warmth instead of cold due to vinyl floorings perfect companionship to underfloor heating and is a huge relief when you don’t find yourself having to replace chipped stone or cracks.


A ceramic look of tile flooring is perfect for the kitchen or hallway areas to give a feel of creative and connectivity throughout the home.

For those wanting a workshop or garage area that requires a smooth finish, a ceramic or cement style vinyl floor is an impressive sight to behold and experience. No chipping or damaged areas costing in products to fix those unsightly areas as vinyl’s cushioned properties will maximise protection for your floor whilst cleaning of the area is a simple process that won’t break your bank.

A World of Choices

Luxury vinyl flooring offers so many different worlds at the same price all around, and with so many suppliers with unique and established designs and palettes at your disposal it can really open your eyes to explore your inner desires.

Amtico have been a leading market brand in the UK for many years and bring so many aspects of vinyl flooring to the customer, from signature woods to spacia stone and beyond to really complete a lifestyle. Luvanto is an incredibly popular brand that mixes creative flair with skilled craftsmanship through ranges such as Endure Pro and Parquet to really light a fire in the heart of any home. Invictus shows incredible durability against everyday living with built in anti-scratch and moisture resistant elements take ours of your cleaning time and the sensational range of design options leave SO much to be desired.

With vinyl flooring you will find everything under one roof for a world under yours.

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