How To Get Started Making Your Own Clothes


If you’re a fashionista who’s a bit creative, you may have considered making your own clothing? Making your own garments is super fun, rewarding, and you might even end up selling an item or two. There’s plenty to consider when you’re a newbie, so how exactly can you get started?

  1. The Right Sewing Machine

First things first, you’ve got to choose the right sewing machine. When you’re starting out, you’ll want to buy a sewing machine that’s suitable for beginners and supplied by a reputable and well-established company. 

Singer Outlet has been an industry leader for 160 years! The company is well known for offering reliability and quality. The Singer Tradition 2250 model is one of the best machines for beginners.

  1. Choosing Your Sewing Pattern

Choosing your sewing pattern is the next step, you don’t want to choose something too challenging when you are starting out. Tilly & Buttons sell a fantastic range of sewing patterns for all levels, including some great patterns for beginners. One great example is the ‘ Miette’ pattern; it’s a wraparound skirt (with zero buttonholes or zips)! As a pattern for beginners, ‘Miette’ is just perfect.

  1. Which Garment To Start With

Deciding which garment to start with is another decision you’ll need to make. You might want to start with something small and uncomplicated. During the current climate, many people are learning to sew their own facemasks! For a little inspiration, check out DIY facemask tutorials on YouTube.

  1. Choosing The Right Fabric 

Okay, so as a beginner, you’ll want to choose a fabric that’s inexpensive and not too difficult to sew. A woven fabric is a wise idea, as this won’t slip or stretch very much. Go for linen, cotton, or a blend of the two. It’s best to avoid fabrics like silk, shiny polyester, or knit. It can be challenging to work with heavy fabrics and those that are ridged or bumpy. If you can, go for eco-friendly fabrics.

  1. Resources To Learn More 

As a beginner, you’ll want to learn all that you can, and there are plenty of places you can do so. First off, check out these handy apps:

My Sewing Kit: My Sewing Kit makes the sewing experience easy peasy. Here you can keep all your patterns, notes, and supplies in a centralized place.

The Cross Stitch Guild: For cross stitchers specifically, the Cross Stitch Guild app has plenty of great features including stitch converters, libraries for threads, fabrics and books, and more!

Star Stash Fabric App: With this handy app, you can keep your fabric organized; simply log your fabrics by image, name, and size. You can keep track of fabrics you’ve bought in the past, and use the app to help you shop.

Above all, practice makes perfect. Don’t stress if you don’t get it right the first time or mess up some fabric. You’ll make plenty of mistakes as a newbie, but that’s exactly how you learn! Once you’ve learnt the ropes you’ll be adding some lovely garments to your summer wardrobe.

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