How To Record Your Voice Over On Vacation – Tricks and Tips


A job that allows you to travel the world is something that most people want. This is what a voice over career looks like. You can have your cake and eat it. And this is why a career in voice over is one of the most coveted jobs. There are several reasons why many people consider a voice over job, but the biggest reason is its flexibility. Unlike most businesses, you can still do your voice over job even while on vacation. The nature of a voice over career makes it possible to be flexible with your time and meet deadlines. 

As a voice over artist, you sometimes want to pack your studio equipment with you while on vacation and set up shop. 

If you are considering a working vacation, or you want to ensure that no gig passes you by, we have put this guide together just for you. These tips will help you pack important equipment that is effective for working on the road. 

Putting together a makeshift recording studio is similar to your beginner days when you could only manage a budget recording set up. There are many ways to get the most out of a basic set up.

Here are some questions to consider.

How much should I pack?

Since you will be travelling on vacation it is best to travel light. Ensure that your mini studio equipment does not take up all the available space. Take only what you need to record your voice over’s and get the job done. If you are travelling by air, you should ensure that your recording gear fits in your carry-on bag so you can always have them with you. 

Should I pack expensive equipment?

Apart from the fact that your home studio set up will not fit in your carry-on bag, they are too expensive and they could get stolen or lost. Also, if you are a frequent traveller, your equipment will be subject to multiple hits and bumps which can lead to damages that will cost you a lot of money to fix or even replace. 

What about unforeseen circumstances?

One of the situations that you need to prepare for is a lack of internet. If you are planning to travel for a vacation in a remote village, then you must make plans to connect to the internet. Without the internet your voice over may be rendered useless, and if your clients can’t reach you, then you don’t have a job. 

You should consider locating the nearest town with internet service so that you can send your demos to Voquent.

Here is some of the most important equipment to carry with you:


A high-quality travel microphone ensures that your voice over comes out great. Purchase one that does not need an audio interface – a USB one will do. 


A laptop with recording software will get the job done. A laptop with an internal SSD is highly recommended because they are much quieter. 


This includes everything from a mini mic stand, a surge protector, short cables, extension cords, and others. If you are worried about reverb, create a wall in front of you with a stack of pillows, or cover your head and mic with a blanket to create a recording space.


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