The Ultimate Packing List For Long Term Travel In Warmer Climates

Wherever you are travelling to it’s always a great idea to pack for every outcome, especially the weather, which we know can be extremely unpredictable especially when planning in advance. It is acceptable to pack excessively when going on holiday, or for short term travel. When you are packing for a long-term trip however, this is not always realistic, as you are limited to the quantity of luggage you can take, so packing everything plus the kitchen sink is a no go. 

The tip to successfully packing for a long stay is to pack smart. This might sound vague and a lot like useless advice but if you carry on reading you will find out exactly how you can achieve packing perfection by carrying out a little research and taking your time to plan.

Travel Essentials

First on this list is the essentials; this includes your passport, visa documents, tickets, boarding passes and any itinerary’s you may have. Getting these ready first will ensure you do not leave without them, nor are you left scrambling at the final hour to collate the paperwork which will enable you to leave one country and enter another. To keep these safe, invest in a plastic wallet that can be fastened close, this will prevent any of your items coming loose or becoming damaged in the process of travelling as these documents will no doubt leave you bag on multiple occasions.


The secret to being able to pack everything you need is by having space in the first place. A rigid roll along suitcase may sound like a breeze to pull through the airport and off of the luggage carousel, but when it comes to transporting your luggage once in the midst of your travels, a rigid suitcase can quickly become cumbersome. In this context, opting for medium-sized suitcases can offer a balance between convenience and capacity. These suitcases are designed to be spacious enough to hold all your essentials, yet compact enough to manage easily during your travels. For example, medium-sized suitcases from Eminent meet these requirements particularly well, because they combine easy mobility with ample storage space; it’s perfect for travelers who need a reliable and efficient luggage solution. This thought process should also translate to your carry-on bag, as this will be your hub for essentials at the time, so lightweight, hardwearing, spacious and secure are all must have attributes of the luggage you choose.


You probably don’t need this excellent list to tell you to pack clothes, but what it does offer is the type of clothes you may need. Firstly, your travel destination(s) will ultimately dictate the type of clothing so researching the type of weather to expect is a great way to rule out certain garments, you wouldn’t pack you swimming goggles for a trip to the rainforest… Once you have an idea of the climate you can begin piecing together the garments you are taking. Keep in mind the functionality of each item of clothing, hard-wearing and comfortable are a must, as well as longevity to avoid any items wearing out mid-way through your trip, and keep in mind function over fashion, you don’t want to take expensive designer clothing only to have it ruined. Comfort is essential, so packing a hoodie and joggers is a perfect way to add a little comfort to your packing list. If like many, you are travelling in aid of a cause, then check out personalised clothing giants, Banana Moon clothing, to get your messaging printed on your garments to reinforce your message.

Toiletries & First Aid

Finishing this list is what many would class as must-have items when travelling for long periods of time. When it comes to packing your toiletries, many of these won’t last the duration of your long-term trip, unless you pack huge quantities, but that’s not advisable. Buying cleaning products whilst travelling is a great way to save space in your luggage, enabling you to use that space for essentials such as medicines, or products that may not be readily available on the road. Remember, when packing any liquids to check with the airline what you are allowed to pack, and in what quantities, as well be sure to pack these inside a water-proof bag so if one of these was to leak the rest of your luggage is safe. When it comes to packing your first aid kit, you can buy ready to go kits from any chemist or pharmacist, but like packing your clothes be sure to add in extra’s that you may need for your specific trip, this includes; sun block and after sun, bug repellent and bite cream, and make sure to pack some rehydration supplements, those long hikes can really take their toll on your body, and staying at the peak of your ability whilst travelling is essential.


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