5 things I’m looking forward to now lockdown is easing

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A couple of weeks ago V and I went for Afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel, Brighton and it was the first slice of normality we’ve had in months. During the lockdown we isolated ourselves away from the world – we didn’t see friends or family, we didn’t go into any shops – I bought everything online and only ventured out for short walks around where we live. We were safe in our little bubble which was fine for a few months but we certainly couldn’t live like that forever. As the world started to open up again I felt apprehensive about going out but having things to look forward to has been a real help – especially for the children who crave routine, structure and friends of their own age.

As we have started to venture out, I’ve realised things aren’t quite as bad as I’d imagined. The shops and restaurants have all been really well organised, super clean with social distancing rules in place. In shops most people have been wearing masks. I love little touches like how menu’s are all online now and you can pay via an app, plus shops are never that busy anymore! So, I’m feeling so much more confident about going out and also wanting to support the local businesses that have been struggling to stay afloat during this difficult time.

So, here are a few things I’m looking forward to now lockdown is easing….

Seeing friends

Of course, this is the big one! It’s been so lovely to finally see the friends we’ve been missing during those long months. Social media and whatsapp helped with keeping in touch but it isn’t quite the same as meeting in person. The girls were especially excited to run around with their little friends and seeing them play has been so lovely! I prefer the new rules of just meeting in small groups too, one-to-one quality time is perfect for me rather than a huge party!

Having a varied routine

This was where we struggled the most – keeping two children busy during lockdown was HARD. All the days started to roll into one and the days felt really long, for all of us. Now we have a varied routine with nursery days, days out, days at home and time with friends which is so much better and feels more balanced for us all.

Eating out and Christmas Dinner

One of the things we really missed is eating out. We loved to book date nights at our favourite restaurants and are real foodies – home-cooked food is just never as good! Now is the perfect time to give ourselves something to look forward to and book venues for all the things we’ve been missing out on. From weddings, meals out, brunches and even Christmas dinner as you know, it’ll be here before we know it! I cannot wait for Christmas Day this year and want to book a big table to invite all our close friends along as it’ll give everyone something to look forward to. Another nice idea to brighten someone’s day is to purchase gift vouchers which can be put towards meals out which is the perfect post-lockdown treat. The great thing about Squaremeal is that they list all the venues hygiene ratings, which in this time is more important than ever.

Days out with the girls

Our ‘thing’ is eating out, but for the girls they’ve really missed days out. They love a day at our local zoo so when they closed the girls were so upset. It’s so lovely to finally take them back to all their favourite places again – their little faces were a picture when they ran back into the zoo for the first time!


Lastly, I’ve REALLY missed going on holiday. Our holiday this year was cancelled – I’m sure like many others, which was a bit of a blow. Having time away from it all to relax on a beach would be so perfect right now, but I think it’ll probably be a while before we feel safe enough to travel again – a girl can only dream!


So, that is my list of things I am looking forward to, however a couple of things I WON’T be rushing back to are softplays (germ fest!)  going on nights out and parties!


What are you looking forward to? 

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