Pearl is TWO!

I can’t quite believe this but Pearl is TWO. I still see Pearl as the baby of the family, however, she’s growing up FAST – with a big sister to copy it’s faster than I was ready for! Pearl’s birthday was a bit of a strange one this year. Being in the middle of a global pandemic we decided not to have a party as we didn’t want to put any pressure on our friends and family to come along. Plus, let’s face it social distancing with children is non-existent, so that was that. Instead, we had a few little small celebrations and a LOT of cake. It wasn’t quite the birthday celebration I’d have loved to have thrown for Pearl but we made it special with lots of family time, presents and cake!

Pearl is turning into such a little character! She can be super cool, calm and collected then will get the cheekiest little grin on as she’ll be up to no good. She also loves to throw a tantrum – hello terrible twos! Pearl loves looking at how things work, building things and puzzles – she will sit and study something for so long and will poke her tongue out when she’s concentrating. I wonder what she’ll grow up to be as she seems to figure toys and puzzles out so quickly with a real logical mind. Her current loves are Hey Duggee (obviously!), climbing on everything she shouldn’t, cake and Duplo. She hates putting her shoes on, eating fruit or vegetables and not getting her own way.

On the actual day of Pearl’s birthday, I was a mean Mummy and sent her into nursery. She’s only been going a couple of weeks so we didn’t want to rock the boat with her settling into her new routine, plus they made a fuss of her with another cake as well! After nursery, we headed over to a friends where she cooked us dinner and we had more…. you guessed it, CAKE! It has been a low-key celebration this year but I am sure she’s had a lovely time!

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