Review: 80’s Pound Puppies make a come back

Post includes gifted PR samples however all words, photos and opinions are my own

I’m sure every 80’s child remembers Pound Puppies – they are an absolute classic! I never had one, but I still remember my friends having them and feeling slightly envious of their soft, huggable friends. So, when I found out Pound Puppies are being remade and released again in 2020, my inner child felt like she needed to get in on the action and relive my childhood memories – all under the guise of getting them for the children…. obviously!

Basic Fun have created replica toys of the Pound Puppies 80’s classic range, which are exactly the same as we all remember only brighter. The new Pound Puppies range comes in two varieties – The Classic Plush which is a 17″ super-soft, squeezable pup which comes in 4 original designs. There is also the cute newborn range, they are dinky, smaller pups with 8 designs to collect.

We were sent one of each of the pups so I decided to hide them away and give them to Violet as a treat for being brave at the doctor’s this week after her pre-school injections. As I took the boxes out of the cupboard where I had been secretly squirrelling them away, Violet was so excited! She squealed ‘doggies!!!’ and couldn’t wait to open the boxes and get to know her new friends.

We excitedly took the pups out of their boxes, it was refreshing to see all packaging is cardboard and can be used as a little kennel to keep your puppy, so there is no plastic waste, apart from a small wallet which has an adoption certificate and stickers in. If you don’t have space to keep the cardboard kennel, it can be recycled. Each puppy is really soft and so lovable, they feel really well-made and have the Pound Puppies logo embroidered onto their backs. I also absolutely adore their gentle expressions on their little faces and boopable noses!

Violet loved choosing names for her dogs, calling the large white and brown patch dog ‘Scamp’ and the puppy is called ‘Scrap’. The dogs have a collar for you to write their names. We filled out the adoption certificates and on the other side, there was a little letter from her dog explaining how dogs need love and care, which Violet really enjoyed. Although we have our own dog, Robbie it’s nice for Violet to have her own special pet to care for to learn about how to treat animals, as well as talking about bigger subjects like adoption and animal rescue too.

One of the fabulous things about the new Pound Puppies range is that with every dog purchased, Pound Puppies will donate to the Dogs Trust, which is the UK’s largest welfare charity and rehomes 14,300 dogs every year (just make sure your packaging is marked with the Dogs Trust logo).

I’ve been so impressed with the new 80’s Pound Puppies range – they are still just as lovely as I remember, really well made, soft and huggable –  now I just want to collect them all (for the girls….. of course…!)

The classic plush is priced at £19.99 and the smaller newborn plush at £7.99.  You can buy Pound Puppies online from Amazon or from Smyths Toys too.


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