7 Advantages of booking a ski vacation for the first time

Few experiences can come anywhere close in life to the thrill of a first ever ski holiday. While some people just dig out their blankets and woolens and go into hibernation at the first sight of snow, others wait in anticipation to take out their skis and head to the mountains.

The fact is, that this incredible sport has so many advantages, that many are not aware of. So whether you are an avid skier or not, drag someone who isn’t and show them what benefits they will gain from spending time on slopes.

Skiing prevents ageing

As we get older, we tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle which reduces the force exerted on the bones, thereby making them weak and fragile. Those who have been skiing for several years will be glad to know that they are far less injury prone than non skiers. 

Since skiing is an activity which involves weight bearing, strengthens the joints and bones considerably in a complex and symmetrical way, resulting in slowing down the process of ageing. What is so special about this is that the peak force exhibited on the bones by skiing is achieved over a longer period of time than other sports, resulting in a healthy and acceptable loading of joints.

So apart from having a gala time on the pistes, you are increasing your proprioceptive strength all the time.

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Skiing inspires wellness

Skiing is such a fantastic sport where all the important aspects of physical, mental and social well-being are taken care of. Thanks to the release of endorphins in the body by skiing, the physical activity involved is a trigger for improving the mood and state of mind.

There are many instances in which people tend to get depressed as soon as winter sets in. The outdoor physical excursion and constant exposure to sunshine, as a result of skiing, can counter all these issues. Individuals who have never skied before will gain the most from the brain power involved in honing this sport

Enhances the mood

Studies have proved that skiers are far more happy than non-skiers. This is due to the fact that time spent in an invigorating  environment improves the overall well-being and outlook towards life. Experts have revealed that as one glides downhill at high speed, the body releases endorphins and adrenaline into the bloodstream, which in turn improves the mood and invokes a sense of contentment. 

A perfect way to keep the mind and body fit for those first timers willing to give it a try. Skiers can also benefit from the exposure to vitamin D, which is vital during winter when the days are shorter.

Boosts cardiovascular fitness

Since most of the resorts stay shut for a majority of the year, it can be tough for the body for first timers on the slopes. Skiing is a serious workout as it involves keeping the body upright and at the same time maintaining balancing skills. 

Keep in mind, that it is not all that simple to stay steady on slippery slopes while gliding up and down as one can get easily exhausted and put the body at risk of injury. Before you set out try running, climb stairs or any other activity that increases your heart rate and tones up the body muscles.

However, as a result, the constant endeavour to stay balanced gives added strength to the core muscles, which in turn improves the abdomen muscles and overall cardiovascular strength.

Appreciate scenery

There is nothing which feels better than coming across a new terrain. For first time skiers, the glorious scenery of a resort, complete with snow topped chalets with breathtaking mountain ranges providing a spectacular backdrop, can be an amazing experience. Just the being among such natural beauty, rather than sitting indoors at home, will quickly make one forget about the worries and the related issues of everyday life. 

No mobiles, laptops, or electrical devices will allow you to appreciate the landscapes that are prettier than summer, and hone your skiing skills. Irrespective of the time of the year, you are sure to discover some untouched gems, and who knows there may be that one patch of powder which everyone has overlooked that will have your name etched on it.

Overcome challenges

Let’s be frank! Learning how to ski as an adult is by no means a simple task. Having said that, armed with the right mindset and determination, you can overcome this challenge and might end up acquiring a brand new hobby. 

Looking vulnerable and stupid on the slopes may sound unappealing, but once you break free from the humbling feeling, you will be easily able to overcome all challenges. The confidence, thus gained on the bunny hill, will ultimately transcend into other aspects of your life and allow you to push yourself to greater limits. Additionally, you will be utilising every sinew in your body in a different manner, which will make you both mentally and physically stronger in the long run. If this doesn’t convince you about the benefits of skiing, then probably nothing will. The possibilities are endless, the reason that makes skiing a lifetime sport.

Skiing is a good investment

Skiing may seem an expensive hobby, which it usually is, but the experience and thrill gained by learning this sport is worth every penny spent. One gets to meet new like minded people, create fond memories and importantly you can encourage your children and friends to take up the sport. 

The act of learning this new sport will open up new vistas for you and your loved ones that a non-skier has no chance of accessing. And once you catch the ski bug, it typically stays with you throughout your life, thereby ensuring that you and the ones you reached to enjoy a lifetime of winter fun. So whether you are nine or ninety, we assure you that the rush of the crisp mountain air as you glide town will beat a trip to Disney World anytime.

Skiing for beginners provides the best opportunity, not only to work hard, but to enjoy doing it at the same time as well. Apart from a wonderful vacation, one returns with a fit and healthy body. A snow holiday offers a golden opportunity not only to enjoy the sport in the company of other skiers, but also to stay fit and healthy at the same time. There is nothing to compare the exhilaration one feels when flying over the fresh snow.

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