AD| Review: The Little Brian Paint Sticks Range

Violet just LOVES to get crafty, she’s happiest getting the pens, pencils and paints out which is great, but we all know that means one thing – MESS. I first discovered Little Brian Paint Sticks at the start of lockdown and it was the answer to my prayers – mess-free painting, hallelujah! Violet has enjoyed using them ever since.

The Little Brian Paint Sticks are a fun convenient way of painting, each colour comes in a little stick that winds up and down, just like a glue stick. When your little one is done with each colour they can pop the lid back on and change to the next colour. There is no need for water and artwork dries within 60 seconds. The colours are so bright and vivid, plus they glide easily onto the paper.

Following our love for Little Brian Paint Sticks, I recently discovered there are a few more products within the range that help keep little ones busy and occupied, so today I wanted to tell you about a few of the products we’ve been trialling! I will have an giveaway coming up, so watch this space!

We were sent the Little Brian Mini Art Station, Little Brian Face Paint Sticks and Little Brian Paint-a-puzzle to try. Violet and I set them all up in the garden during Pearl’s nap (they are suitable for age 3+ so Pearl is still a bit little) and had a fabulous time creating lots of artwork and getting crafty!

Little Brian Mini Art Station

The mini art-station is such a handy little product, it’s a pop-up easel with a whiteboard and chalkboard side, all contained within the case which holds 6 chalk sticks and 6 paint sticks, 10 sheets of paper and plus a duster. It’s portable and easy to fold up so perfect for use on long journeys, holidays or keeping little ones busy on days out!

Violet loved drawing on both sides and seeing the kinds of marks she could make. She enjoyed using the bright orange duster to clean them off just as much! Even though we were in the garden and using her tuff tray, she didn’t make any mess in the process and we were able to neatly pack-up the art station when we were done.

I found the paint a little bit tricky to remove from the whiteboard side, so we decided to use the paper to draw instead, that was a lot easier – plus it meant she could keep her artwork!

The Mini Art Station retails at £19.99 and can be ordered from here.

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks

This one Violet absolutely LOVED! She’d never had her face painted before so was excited to be a unicorn! Not sure my attempt was very good, but then I’ve never painted a face before either – we both had a great time and a giggle trying them out. The paint sticks were really easy to use to paint onto the skin and washed off well, without leaving any staining to the skin. I thought I’d escaped getting painted myself, but V joined in on the fun and turned me into a tiger!

The Face Paint Sticks come in a selection of 12 colours plus some design suggestions too.

They are priced at £9.99 and can be ordered from here.

Little Brian Paint-A-Puzzle

This is a brand new product to the range, the Paint-A-Puzzle has 12 sturdy, large puzzle pieces to put together and colour in. The print is a fun farm animal scene. Violet loved putting the puzzle together (which is quite large so we did it in the garden!) then bringing it to life with the paint sticks that are included within the box. This is such a great activity as the puzzle is so large it’s going to take them ages to complete, plus they can put it together time and time again.


The Little Brian Paint-A-Puzzle is priced at £14.00 and can be ordered here.

We really enjoyed trying out the Little Brian Paint Stick range – they are now a staple in our crafting supplies box! If you’d like to go give them a go, keep an eye out for a giveaway coming up soon on my Instagram!


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