Days Out: Knockhatch Adventure Park Review

Last week we headed out for a family day out to Knockhatch Adventure Park! I can’t believe it’s so close to us and we’d never been, it was fantastic! There is something for all the family there, from animals, to playparks, rides, slides, water play and even rowing boats too! So, I thought I’d tell you all about our day out, including a little about the COVID19 safety measures they have in place – plus, I’ve made a little video of our day out too. So, if you fancy going this post should have all the information you need!

Firstly, here is a few little snippets of our day, I always think days out are best captured in video so I hope this gives you a real feel for the place – I also love the bit in this video when Violet is looking at the goat, makes me giggle every time!


Knockhatch Adventure Park is located in Hailsham, East Sussex. It took us about 30-35 minutes from our house in Brighton and was a relatively straight forward journey. As we approached the park it was well signposted, with a large carpark on sight with parking wardens guiding you into your space. With the new restrictions you need to pre-book your tickets so we arrived at our time-slot and joined the queue, which was all socially distanced but as everyone had pre-booked tickets already it moved really quickly. It seemed really well organised so the start to our day out went really smoothly.

When you book your tickets for the park, there are two options – Orange Days (usually weekends and peak days) where everything is open around the park and Green Days which are cheaper, quieter days where not everything might be open. The best thing to do is to check the Knockhatch website and decide which attractions you’d like to see and book your ticket for the day that suits you best. If you’ve never been before I highly recommend an Orange Day so you can take in the whole park!

To book tickets, follow this link here.


The first thing we saw at Knockhatch was all the animals, which the girls absolutely loved! There is a large selection of animals, from farm animals to slightly more exotic like emus, wallabies, meerkats and more. There is also an owl sanctuary which Pearl LOVED (they are her favourite animal) with Owl displays too.


Next up, is rides! There are a few sweet rides, like the Quadapillar ride, swing chair ride and tractor ride. As they are all little rides they were suited to the girls although Pearl wasn’t quite tall enough for the swing chair ride yet.


There are Jumping Pillows and huge playparks within the grounds, including the huge Dragons Castle which the girls loved exploring and finding the big red dragon located in the depths of the castle!

There are also rowing boats to take out onto the lake, which was so much fun! Pearl loved sitting at the helm singing ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’ and taking it all in, but Violet was a little more scared of falling in the water!

There are also a few areas we didn’t get a chance to explore – there is a large indoor softplay area called Froggies and an indoor Dinosaur Playbarn. Both of these looked fantastic but we decided to stick to outdoor play for ultimate social distancing, but we hope to visit those another day!


I was so impressed with the COVID19 safety measures in place at Knockhatch Adventure Park. Firstly, you have to pre-book so numbers are limited around the park and everyone has a time frame to enter the park. We felt like it was quiet when we arrived at 10am, but by the time we left at 1pm it was on the busier side, so I’d advise to arrive as early as possible to avoid the busiest times.

Every time we went on one of the rides it was cleaned, this also included the rowing boats, where they cleaned every boat and every life jacket after use!

Around the park was hand washing stations and hand sanitiser.

Although we didn’t visit the softplay or dino playbarn, I did notice that it was limited numbers and you needed to book a slot to enter.


We had a really lovely day out at Knockhatch Adventure Park – it was such a great mix of activities, rides, animals and play – the girls had a whale of a time! We did think it got a little busy later on in the day, but it’s a big park so there was lots of space to move around and avoid busy areas. There was so much to take in that we missed the softplay, jumping pillows, crazy golf and a few other activities so there is even more, to explore for our next visit!

For more information on Knockhatch, see their website here.


We were kindly gifted tickets to Knockhatch 




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