The Truth About Walking and Running Shoes

Let’s start by clearing some of the greatest misconceptions surrounding shoes. The first is a that a shoe is just a shoe, and the second is that wearing the same kind of shoes for several activities works fine. Neither of these could be further from the truth – stay with me as I unpack it.

Function over appearance

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on their feet or just simply enjoys walking, I need you to start moving away from the concept of cute shoes. Cute has no purpose in functional shoes, and if you do not protect your feet now, you will feel it and regret it when you get older. The ideal is to choose a strong pair of shoes which will both support and protect your feet, no matter what activity you choose to do.

Never just wing it

I bet you’ve stumbled upon a couple of pretty nifty Nike shoes sales, and been tempted to buy that you can use for walking, running and going to the gym. If you’ve ever tried that, no matter what the brand of shoe, you are almost certain to also have a vague memory of slight back ache and swollen feet. This is the simple result of not using the right shoe for the right activity, which in turn affects your alignment and posture and can lead to structural malfunction.

Your shoes should protect you

The walking shoes you choose should mould softly around your feet. Light and cushioned shoes are ideal for protecting you against blisters, that should be soft in her to not restrict blood flow. Luckily, modern walking shoes are improving in design almost daily, and although you should always choose function over appearance, chances are that you might get lucky and find a really great looking pair, which sufficiently protect the feet.

How do you fill your day?

Some people have jobs and hobbies that keep them on their feet all day. Try to do this without the correct support in the feet, and you’re setting yourself up for aches and pains particularly in your back and feet. A comfortable shoes for bunions and an excellently-designed walking shoe with a lot of cushioning around your feet and arches a great way to prevent this from happening.

Let’s take running shoes as an example

Running shoes are the perfect example of purpose-designed shoes. It should be lightweight, and designed well enough to withstand wear and tear that comes with use, and above all, should be well ventilated to prevent the runner’s feet from overheating. Throw a cushioned sole into the mix and you have more or less the perfect list of requirements for a great pair of running shoes. 

If you apply the same kind of reasoning to any type of shoes for sale that catch your eye for a specific purpose or occasion, you will almost always be successful. Never lose sight of the overall intention and job of the shoe, and make sure that you use it for what it was designed for.

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