3 Super Cute Ideas On How To Let Everyone Know You Got a New Home

Buying a new home is one of the proudest feelings in the world. Yet telling everyone about your proud ownership can be a problem. And there could be several reasons for it, from lack of time to your introvert persona.

Did you know you can tell everyone about your new home using “we moved cards”?

Though the idea is not new, it is perhaps unknown to many, especially in this digital era. Surprisingly sending new home cards can be one of the cutest ways to tell anyone that you’re moving. And it won’t take much time or effort.

So, if you are planning on sending we moved cards or new home cards to your friends and relatives, here are some ideas you can use.

Include Photos Of Your New Home

Though the idea of creating and sending a new home card is quite old school, you can still customize it for the new world. What is it that millennials and the GenX share in common? Well, they both love taking selfies and sharing it with others. Use this idea to design and share your customized we moved cards. Not only that, you can actually include selfies with your new home into your new home card and give your recipients a sight of your new abode. It will surely bring a smile to your friends’ faces and they might soon want to pay you a visit. Of course, to wish you well in your new home.

Pack Your New Home Card In A Box

If taking selfies is not your thing, don’t worry! You can still personalize your we moved cards for your recipients.

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift that is well wrapped? Probably, nobody! Well, why not use this trick and pack your new home card in a box? Of course, when you pack your card in a box, you’ll need to fill the box as well. But, you need not fill it with gifts or expensive things. You can use anything from paper flowers to origami birds. Receiving a well-packed card in a box filled with origami items is surely a cute receipt.

Send An Invitation For HouseWarming Party

Another cute idea is to send an invitation to your house warming party along with your we moved cards. Well, you can either pair your we moved cards with the invitations or you can send them as one card. The idea is to let your friends and family know that you’ve moved to a new house. And additionally, invite them to a party which would, of course, be an invitation for receiving well wishes also. This would largely eliminate the chances of your we moved cards being misplaced and stocked up with garbage.

There are plenty of other ideas you can use to make your new home card an interesting post. Though, we personally find these three to be super cute.

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