5 ways we transformed our living room

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When we moved into our current house, the decor was all very neutral and well presented, which was fantastic as we could live with it for a while – but after a few months, we realised it just wasn’t to our taste anymore. We wanted something with a lot more personality, so we made some changes that completely transformed the room. I love our living room now, it’s seen us through lockdown and is our play space, working space, chill space and more. I think it’s my favourite room in the house and I’m always looking for ways little additions to keep it up to date!

Here are some of the bigger things we changed that really made it our own:

A new sofa 

The first thing we changed was the sofa! The one the previous owner left was huge with a floral print, it looked super old fashioned. We added a modern sofa from Habitat, this also turns into a sofa bed, so if we have guests staying it turns into an extra bedroom too!

Stylish Flooring

The flooring made the biggest difference to the room! We previously had carpets, but with two toddlers and dog they were impossible to keep clean! Even with my best efforts they looked tatty within no time, so we ripped it all up and fitted gorgeous dark wood, parquet engineered wood flooring. Not only is it so much easier to clean, but it looks so stylish too!

Wooden Shutters

As well as the floral print sofa, we also were left with heavy, brown beige curtains that just HAD to go. We had the windows measured up for shutters. We ordered the DIY version, which turned out to be quite difficult to fit, so I’d recommend the fitting service if you decide to go for shutters. They give such a gorgeous look to any room, plus privacy too as you can tilt them up and still let in lots of light.

Built-in bookshelves

My favourite space in the room is our huge bookshelves! We had boxes and boxes of books so we knew we would need some giant shelves, just buying a regular flatpack bookshelf wasn’t going to cut it, we decided to have shelves fitted into the alcoves either side of the fireplace, with built-in cupboards and a TV unit too.

Little touches

Lastly, it’s the little touches in a room that really add personality, so we added lots of personal touches, like framed photos, candles and ornaments with sentimental meaning that really make the room unique to us.

If you have just moved house or you are looking to transform a room, I hope you find these tips helpful!

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