Flat roof skylights: A Guide

A window in the roof is the perfect way to flood the room with lots of natural light which is easily a better solution than having a lot of artificial light to illuminate the space. Not only it is better for the environment as it will use less electricity overall, but it is also better for your physical health too. Exposure to natural sunlight will make you feel more alert and will balance your natural rhythm, which will help you to sleep better at night.

So if you have a flat roofed addition on your home, or are considering adding one, you should absolutely consider having roof skylights in it. So take a look at this handy guide to find out more and decide your best course of action:

What is a skylight? 

A skylight is essentially a window in the ceiling / structure of a flat or slightly inclined roof that allows natural light into the room space beneath it. It can also be called a rooflight and might even be a generic term used when discussing other types of windows in a roof. They are usually only provided by specialists rather than standard window fitters so ensure you speak to the professionals in order to get the right solution for you. 

Can you buy off-the-shelf skylights? 

Flat roofs have grown in popularity from a design perspective and with it, the installation of skylights. As such, there are certain standard types available to buy ready-made to make it a little easier to have them installed. However, if you desire something a little different or have a flat roof which won’t accommodate off-the-shelf types, you can easily have custom-made rooflights made. These can be much more interesting to look at, taking the shape of a pyramid or lantern or anything else you like! They can also be sufficiently reinforced so that they can be walked across if so required. 

Off-the-shelf ones tend to be made from polycarbonate and can cost less than a custom-fit version. They also have a dual purpose in that they come in double or triple skin so can be used for venting purposes. Glass windows will be a little more expensive but are recommended thanks to their additional lifespan. Velux are a key supplier for this type of glass window that is installed in roofs. 

What else is available? 

There are additional structures that can be inserted, such as a sun tunnel which will direct sunlight into darker spaces which would not receive much light otherwise. 

Other considerations

It is not likely to require planning permission if you wish to insert a standard skylight to a flat roof. However, it is always worth inquiring with your local authority. This is particularly important if you are planning to have a structure added which will protrude beyond the roof’s natural skyline as this could be subjected to different regulations. 

A skylight can be a fantastic addition to your roof as it will illuminate the space below with no adverse effect on your finances or the environment. It also maintains privacy whilst still brightening the rooms affected. It can also provide ventilation when required, and the window should require minimal levels of maintenance if a good quality one is installed by a professional. 


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