Learn with Peppa Toys – Brilliant gift ideas for preschoolers

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As Violet is now in preschool, she’s taken a huge interest in learning her letters and making a start with phonics. Before I became a parent, I thought that teaching my little ones their ABC’s would be easy – but I actually I don’t know where to start!  Don’t even talk to me about phonics – it’s so confusing! Learning the alphabet has changed since I grew up so it’s been a learning curve for me too. So, to keep our learning fun, I’ve recruited the help of one of our favourite TV characters – Peppa Pig.

The girls are huge fans of Peppa pig  – I’m not sure I’ve met a toddler who isn’t. Pearl has the Count with Peppa toy and plays with it all the time – so they were super excited to try out a couple more toys from the Learn with Peppa range, which should, in turn, help Violet with her preschool learning and help build Pearl’s vocabulary too.

The toys we tried out were Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet and the Laugh & Learn Laptop. Here is how we got on….

Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet

Age Range: 3+

Violet has been playing with Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet to build upon the learning she’s been doing at preschool. Her favourite thing to do is to write the first few letters of her name, so this toy really helped to fuel her desire to learn to read and understand the letters in a fun way.

The Phonic Alphabet toy is a cute little Peppa Pig with an area you can insert blocks into her tummy. Each block is labelled with the letters (both in capitals and lower case) with a picture of something to represent that letter. Peppa will ask Violet to find the cube with the correct answer to the question – to answer you insert this into the front of Peppa’s dress. Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet helps develop a basic knowledge of letters, numbers and colours, as well as providing an early introduction to phonics and spelling.  

This helps with developing a basic knowledge of letters, numbers and colours as well as an an early introduction to phonics and spelling. As well as building upon problem solving and language skills too! 

As Peppa talks back it keeps little ones engaged and intrigued for a long time – Violet will sit and play and it’s holds her attention so well.

You can order the Phonic Alphabet here priced at £19.99.

Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Laptop

Age Range: 2+ 

The next toy was the Peppa’s Laugh and Learn Laptop.  Pearl absolutely loves this and was so excited when it came out the box playing the Peppa pig music! She loves that she has her own laptop too, saying ‘my laptop, my laptop‘ excitedly!

This is a great toy for learning on the go, it’s light enough for little ones to carry with a carry handle on the top for ease.  The laptop explores four activities introducing letters, numbers, objects, musical instruments and colours along with Peppa and her friends. It has loads of music that you’ll easily recognise if you are a Peppa fan – Pearl was bopping along. It’s a really musical toy with 6 fun tunes, musical sounds and a piano. This toy helps little one with sound recognition, colours, creating music and more. 

Peppa’s Laugh and Learn Laptop can be ordered here priced at £14.99.

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