Our Top 4 favourite Orchard Toys Games and a giveaway!

One thing that got us through lockdown is board games, they were a lifesaver for those rainy days! The girls are only 2 and 3 years old, so you might think they are bit young for board games, but this is where Orchard Toys comes in as they do the best educational board games, puzzles and flashcards for little ones that are so simple to play and understand, plus they are so much fun too!

All the games fab as they are created from strong, durable wipe-clean board that is great for little hands.

So, today I’m going to share the girls top 4 Orchard Toys Games – plus I’ve got a giveaway to win a bundle of toys too, so keep reading to enter!


Age Range: 2+

The first is the Post Box game – this comes with four coloured free-standing post boxes, plus a selection of letters which are coloured to match the postboxes. Each one has a funny address and animal too.

This a really great introductory colour matching game that Pearl LOVES. It’s a simple game that Pearl has grasped even though she’s only just turned two. The players take turns to pick a  card and match it to the postbox, the first to match all their cards is the winner! It’s great to teach the importance to waiting for your turn and playing together as well as talking about colours and animals too.

Violet is 3.5 but still really enjoys this game, to make it trickier for her I put the cards face down on the table and have also created a treasure hunt around the room to find all the letters to post!

The Post Box Game is priced at £10.50 and can be ordered here.


Age Range:  2+ 

Another favourite for both girls is Sleepy Sloths. This is designed for age 2+ but took a little while longer for Pearl to understand the concept as it’s slightly more complex.

The aim of the game is to wake up all your Sleepy Sloths – by picking a card you have to make the noise as pictured, you then wake each sloth in turn. This encourages little ones to create sounds and also use their listening and sound recognition skills too. The girls love this game as they get to make super loud noises and giggle at each other, it is always quite raucous!

Sleepy Sloths is priced at £8.50 and can be ordered here.


Age Range: 2-5 years

Pearl has shown a huge interest in numbers recently, so the Number Street Puzzle has been great for learning to count, colours and animals too. The puzzle has really large, bright, colourful pieces that are great for little hands, plus it comes with a giant wall poster too!

The Number Street Puzzle is priced at £10.50 and can be ordered here.


Age Range: 18m+ 

The last of our Orchard Toys picks is the Jungle Heads and Tails game. 24 chunky cards to put together a variety of jungle animals. This is a lovely game for smaller toddlers as it’s suitable for 18m+. The girls really love to do this one together, naming the animals and making the animal sounds too! They love to make a really long line of animals along the floor! To make this game a bit harder for Violet I also place the cards face down.

Jungle Heads and Tails is priced at £7.75 and can be ordered here.


Now to the exciting part – I’ve got a bundle of all four Orchard Toys Games to giveaway to one lucky winner!

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