Review: BABY Born Remote Controlled City Scooter

Post contains gifted PR samples but thoughts and opinions are my own

Violet’s favourite toys in the world are her dolls. She plays with them ALL the time and has quite a growing collection of dolls and paraphernalia, I’m often tripping over a baby dolls milk bottle or wondering the tiny clothes are just things I’ve shrunk in the wash. Her favourite’s are her BABY born collection, she’s got two of the BABY Born Soft Touch dolls and the BABY Born sister doll (which has gorgeous long hair to style!) – so it only seemed right to add this super cute BABY Born Remote Control Scooter to her collection as it just looks so fun!

The BABY Born scooter is like a mini-Vespa, which is the perfect size for your dolls, it even has little holders to keep their hands steady on the handlebars so they can fully enjoy the ride!

Firstly, I’ve made a little unboxing video, so give this a watch then read on for the full review:

Inside the box is the scooter, the remote, windshield and rack –  as well as some stickers to decorate your scooter.

One thing I found was it needed a LOT of batteries so be prepared – 4 x AA batteries within the scooter and 2 x AAA batteries for the remote. If you are buying this as a Christmas present, have the batteries to hand as they are not included.

Like all of the BABY Born range, it comes in a huge colourful box with all the pieces displayed, which children really love! Violet was so excited to open it and play with her new toy!

Putting it together and actually getting the remote to sync with the scooter was a bit tricky, I found I needed to turn both off and on to get them to pick each other up – but once we were all set the scooter was ready to go!

Violet excitedly placed her baby on the seat and hooked her hands into the little holders. We don’t have the baby born helmet or the scooter outfit yet, but these are extras you can get to really make your baby look the part! I think to make it work, you’d have to have the right-sized doll BABY Born doll, or they would probably just fall off, so I recommend using with the BABY Born soft touch or sister doll!

The remote has two large directional buttons which is easy for little ones to use, although Violet still hasn’t got her head around the fact you can press ‘forward’ and steer at the same time, so the poor baby on the scooter was crashing into all the furniture, but it just added to the fun. It does reverse as well, so that’s easier for rescuing your baby if they get stuck in nooks and crannies or under tables too.

We soon found that the BABY Born Scooter zipped along much faster on the wooden floors, so we pulled up the rug to make lots of room for her to zoon around. It goes quite fast on a hard surface!

The included stickers were a great touch as Violet spent ages decorating her scooter with her name and then just covering it in little pictures!

The BABY Born Remote Controlled Scooter is a really fun addition to your collection if your little one loves BABY Born as much as Violet does.

The scooter is priced at £42.99 and can be ordered here.

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