The Rise Of Staycations In The UK

With the world in various stages of lockdown and border restrictions, there has been a marked increase in the UK of “staycations”. What is a staycation you ask? A staycation is when you holiday in your own back yard, visiting another part of your own country while the international holiday option is either too daunting or simply not an option at all. For some this is pretty normal but for those who typically travel further afield it may be a new concept. So here is what you can do for your next holiday in the UK!

There are a number of benefits to opting for a staycation and it may become the new normal for quite some time. Because you’re not travelling as far or dealing with different currencies or borders to cross, you increase the amount of flexibility you have for when you go and how long you stay there for. You could book a hotel in Blackpool, an AirBnB at a cottage in Kent or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you could hire a campervan anywhere across the UK. The options are a lot more broad than some people think. The idea that you can do it all without the added stress of international travel 9especially if you have small children) makes it super appealing.

Staycations for Couples

Many couples that would typically look to go away together to Europe or even further are now looking a little closer to home. They are considering some holiday destinations that were previously neglected for no reason other than through habit. Places like Cornwall, Edinburgh and The Lake District can offer a wide range of staycation options, depending on what you want from your holiday. Additionally, depending on where you are in the UK some of these amazing holiday destinations are only a short trip away, if you wanted to avoid a particularly long journey or if you wanted to sneak away for a quick trip.

For those couples that want a romantic weekend away together, the UK is host to a huge range of potential romantic destinations. Finding the right location will be different for everyone; some people want to get Instagram clout with some #CouplesGoals finding picturesque backdrops touring the country in a campervan, others will want to shack up in a cabin in the countryside, while others may want to explore a new city together and discover a home away from home. No matter what the desire, you may be surprised to learn that the UK can offer almost all of those weekend getaway dreams. It is fair to say the UK may not have winter beach options but…well we can’t have it all can we?

Staycations for Families

Taking the entire family on a trip may prove to be a little harder than sweeping other half off their feet but there are still a lot of options available to you. Create a family adventure with Center Parcs or explore some of the UK’s best campsites. If the kids can handle being in the car for a few hours, you may find it a lot less stressful than worrying about getting to the airport on time, making sure everyone has their passports and no fluids over 100ml. Although, it is advisable to schedule rest stop breaks, especially if you have little ones on your journey.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and busy cities, then a static caravan holiday park could be the best option for your family. With a variety to choose from across the UK and various activities, natural wonders to explore and additional adventure parks and experience surrounding them, a caravan park holiday will provide the perfect quality time with your family that you need. Have all the benefits and amenities of staying at home but none of the stress of worrying about the house, the office, and what to do with the kids to keep them all entertained – not to mention you’ll most likely save some money compared to the usual cost of a villa or holiday park in Europe.

Staycation Vs Vacation

Exploring the world is a passion for many and getting away to experience new cultures and environments has been a pleasure for even more. But in times where these options are restricted, rediscovering the countries we live in with staycations has become a wonderful alternative. Exploring local wonders and experience those things that you said you would always get around to doing, now is the time to do it. Create local memories with your loved ones on a staycation and make the most of what we have available to us.

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